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seems to be working other than changing qpi and voltage values! You CAN adjust multi's! I bet someone who can code can take care of the qpi and voltage adjustments fairly easy! =o) make those adjustments then recompile the exe.

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1. 3 slots = better overclocking
2. NB Frequencies are through the roof with this board! I'm able to post into the 4000mhz NB freq.
3. PWM/VRM area is beefy as sin, and it has practically 0 vdroop (run cooler than the evga counterpart)
4. The NB runs cooler and comes with a waterblock AND a dice pot.
5. It overclocks better than my evga x58 (used lower voltages to obtain similar clocks)
6. The bios is a tweakers dream =o) Not as vast as the blackops though.
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