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AltCoin callendar COUNTDOWN

Seven days of mining
BlitzCoin will have block reward for only seven days! Approx. 10000 blocks. After that period, mining is only for tx fees.

Coin created for pure speculation.
Unlike many coins here, BlitzCoin is created for speculation. It have no intention to be a coin for online shops, or any merchandise at all.
BlitzCoin is created as proof of concept. From mining for rewards to mining for tx fees, as well to see how network will behave in such a small timeframe, fast hashrate increase and decrease. The results can be used in future coins development for new features etc.
After mining for rewards the network will be secured with several CPU miners, enough to secure and insure transactions.

Delayed start
To be sure everyone is on board, we have delayed start. Start will be at Monday, 24.03.2014 6PM GMT
Wallets will be ready before start in password protected zip file.

PoW Algorithm: Scrypt
Retarget: Kimoto Gravity Well
Block Time: 60 seconds
Transaction: 3 confirmations
Maturity: 30 confirmations
Block Reward: 10,000 BLTZ
Max Supply: 100,000,000 BLTZ
Premine: 1% (1,000,000 BLTZ for IPO Hybrid)

CryptoRush.in: voting list at: https://cryptorush.in/index.php?p=vote

Official Pool:

PRE REG pools:
http://bltz.5limi.com // chinese pool

P2Pool pools:
OmarG -announced

IPO Hybrid:
This is a new concept to make a better distribution of premine bounties for services as well for initial investors.
In this model you don't need to pay BTC to be part of IPO, you can simply contribute to the BlitzCoin and earn IPO share. The services will be calculated as BTC payment according to published pricelist.

Major services:
Logo: 0.50 BTC (submissions here at this topic, voting for best logo will be announced)
Website: 2.00 BTC (website + domain + hosting for minimum two years)
Pre Reg Pool: 0.50 (BTC up to 10 pools)
P2Pool: 0.75 BTC (code + one node)
P2Pool: 0.50 BTC (per node, up to 5 nodes that will be available max one hour after BlitzCoin launch)
Exchanges: 6.00 BTC (up to 5 exchanges)
Exchanges introduction: 1.00 BTC (for every person that introduce BlitzCoin to exchange that will list BlitzCoin)
Block Explorer: 0.75 BTC (code + hosting for minimum two years, domain to be forwarded from main domain subdomain)

Minor services:
Translation: 0.10 BTC (to translate and post ANN thread in local subforum, post a link here to claim bounty)
Tweets: 0.01 BTC (tweet about BlitzCoin and post a link here to claim bounty. up to 10 tweets per account.)
Twitter followers: 0.01 BTC (to follow https://twitter.com/BlitzCoin at twitter, post username here to claim bounty)
Blog posts: 0.25 BTC (informative blog post about BlitzCoin, post link here to claim bounty)
Infographics: 0.10 BTC (informative pictures, memes, etc., post here to claim bounty)

IPO Payment:
IPO BTC: payment to the IPO address: 1M8Jh6S77eJNKKjgKfMDhmvf83yuxN8pLc
All payment info is classified, unless you want explicitly to publish your details
After sending BTC to the IPO address, please send me PM with txid and amount paid.

IPO Payment:

BITCOINTALK: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=509173.0
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/BlitzCoin
REDDIT: http://www.reddit.com/r/blitzcoin
IRC: #blitzcoin at freenode.net

I personally really like the Idea of that coin, so I'm spreading it and hope you're in
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