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blu ray play back problem. help please

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I am using the system in sig. I am using win dvd 7.3. Here is what is happening. anyone have any ideas?

When i watch a blu ray movie in the dark areas of the video including the black bars on the top and bottom i get vertical strips in the video. They look like pin striping. They go all the way across the video and are kinda thick. They are not just a pixel or 2 wide. The video is still there in the strips but they are lighter in color so they are visible. Its like you put the video in a paper shredder and every other piece is a little lighter in color than the one next to it. They resolution is there i mean it looks good besides the lines.

During bright scenes its nearly impossible to see them even in the black bars on the top and bottom. if i pause the movie they go away most times. They also flicker sometimes, they are not always static and constant.

I tried just a dvd and same thing but looks even worse. I tried a different dvd drive and same thing.

I plugged a laptop with blu ray into monitor and it looks fine. although it was not at 1080p but still i don't think its monitor.

When i tried the dvd i played it in both WMP and windvd. same thing.

I have downloaded and installed ati 9.1 catalyst.

everything is hdcp

I am stumped. does any one have any ideas?

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