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Originally posted on Xoxide Forums as a thread and a Worklog, condensed here.

Not my first mod, but first posted here!

Well having got my wife and I Samsung Moment phones running Android, im loving mine, and shes having a ball with hers.

Our only gripe so far is that you HAVE to sync to a Gmail account. There is NO Outlook support, and we both use ours extensively. However, there is a 3rd party software that came with the phone that will sync with an Exchange server. No biggie right? Well, we have one of those at work, but i want to sync my personal life to my phone, not my work life... So it plays out that i have a (legit) copy of Small Business Server 2003 laying around, and it has Exchange built in. (*I later dumped this for Win7 Ult as SBS was too much of a PITA cause i had to cook the SATA drivers in usin nLite, and it still wouldnt load without an IDE optical drive, which if you notice, i dont run a DVD drive on this, its all virtual)

Sounds easy right? I pulled out one of my iPaq's from storage, go to boot it up and install to see if it could handle the load. Well, it wont install right, and it turns out SBS 03 needs a min of 1ghz proc and 512MB of ram to work right. Drat, this box only holds a 733 PIII and 256mb...

So i ponied up and bought some stuff today...

From the 'Egg:

MSI 785GTM-E45 AM3/AM2+/AM2 AMD 785G HDMI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard - $59.99

Thermaltake TR2 W0070RUC 430W ATX12V V2.2 Intel Core i7 Compliant Dual 80mm Fans Full Cable Sleevings Power Supply - $41.99 (3rd one ive bought in 3 years, yes i love it lol)

AMD Sempron 140 Sargas 2.7GHz Socket AM3 45W Single-Core Processor Model SDX140HBGQBOX - $35.99 (*OC'd to 3GHZ, stays nicely under 30C, although i unlocked the 2nd core in the BIOS, could never get Windows to see it)

CORSAIR 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 667 (PC2 5300) Desktop Memory Model VS2GBKIT667D2 - $48.99

From Xox:

18in Serial ATA II Cable w/ One 90 Degree End - Black 2 - 2.99

Logisys Black In and Out Case w/ Clear Side Window 1 - 49.99

Xoxide Wire Sleeving Kit (Black) 1 - 6.99

Xoxide Wire Sleeving Kit (Blue) 1 - 8.99

Once i get the stuff and start working on it, ill determine if ill run a worklog, and have it moved over there as im not planning on it being very intense

Well, finally got my packages, they sat in Cincinnati (8 miles north of me) since Wednesday...

Couple shots of the case.

Side window is barely 1/8", fairly flimsy (*I replaced it with some plexi from Home Depot cause i didnt want the fan mount/grill)

PSU supplied with case... well the pic speaks volumes...

Name changed due to an aural experience with Kenny Wayne Shepherd (*originally titled Black Box)

Welcome to the 3rd Installment of "How to void a PSU's 5 year Warranty"

Couple mobo pics

First 4 wires out of 28 sleeved

2 SATA cables sleeved

Test fitting mobo and HDD.

In order for any semblance of WM, i needed to extend the SATA power cable so that it would reach the top to bottom, then along and up the front since the drives will be in backwards. I also cut off all the extra wires i didnt need like the 6 pin GPU, 2nd molex power and the 2nd CPU power since this mobo only has a 4 pin conn not 8 like my DFI boards.

Using a CCFL tube to sleeve the 5 wires into 1/2" sleeving

Couple porn tests! (since i used all black sleeving, i opted to place black shrink on the ground wires and blue on the others)

You may wonder why i put the blue discs on the fans... and this is a Blue on Black mod right? Well the PSU is a Thermaltake, and their logo is red and gold, so that wouldnt fly. My wife being the crafty person she is, had some misc shapes made of the fun foam ive used in other builds, and they just happened to be in one of the packs. They fit so perfect that the exhaust fan has a small relief in the center of the frame for the logo sticker and the disc fit right in that like it was made for it!

Couple shots of the holes i made for the fans. My only real complaint about this case is that it has holes for 80 and 92mm fans in the back (not even close to having enough room to shoe horn a 120mm in there either), but 120mm in the front. Not too many people make 92mm fans, and almost no one makes a custom grill. Either way, i opted to not use grills in the back like some systems on MDPC.

Mind you, these are rough cut, ill use U-channel on them to trim it out.

Ram coolers

Front panel LED's and switches

Backside WM

Inside WM

Modified Sunbeam Meteor light

Individually sleeved 3 pin Y


Awesome U channel trim that Grez recommended

Backside with everything installed

Meteor light snapped in the folds of the case, really out of sight, one switch for meteor, other for the single UV CCFL

'Artsy' shot

No flash shots, side panel off

(*notates editorial note not in original work log post)

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Wow man, what can i say? I ended up getting 28' of 1/8" black sleeving from CableOrganizer.com and i cant say much more than WOW. The quality is top notch for sure. Not sure it will compete with MDPC, but its way better than ive ever used.

Heres an example of it vs. the black stuff i got from Xoxide, the red and black are sleeved with CO, orange and yellow with Xoxide:

I also picked this up:

It contains 158 2.5" lengths of:

1/16" (60 Pieces)
1/8" (40 Pieces)
3/16" (20 Pieces)
1/4" (18 Pieces)
3/8" (10 Pieces)
1/2" (10 Pieces)

It works best with their sleeving, as the stuff i used in my last two builds was from eBay, and slicker, so the shrink didnt grip it very good.

Needless to say, ill be using CableOrganizer.com stuff from my sleeving in the future! (no im not getting paid for this lol)

Nice pic after finding a decent setting on my camera (the red is from the cameras self timer warning light lol)


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Originally Posted by Nvidia-Brownies
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This build finished? Why don't you add a really cheap GPU, something like a 9400GT/9500GT for Movie viewing for your wife?

Mods been done for a long while. Its a web server and doesnt need anymore horse power than the ATi 4300 thats onboard. Shes got her own computer with an ATi 1900X (i think) that will get my 3850 when i tear it out of mine.


Originally Posted by ArgOs
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Your case is very clean, but your desk ...

I think that case has more potential further modify. Good work

Yea, desk exploded during the mod lol.

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One thing: I wouldn't give that rig a dedicated gpu.. The thermal take looks to be a half bridge psu (watch me be wrong ) but it, won't do 420w. What power you are currently using shouldn't be an issue. Nice looking machine though.

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