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blue tooth headset interfearing with internet?

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I got a new motorola bluetooth headset for my ps3 and everytime i turn it on my connection gets really crappy, I'll often get disconnected from my games. When it's off I get a really good connection with no lag at all. Is there anyway of solving this without replacing the headset?

Thanks in advance.
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It sounds like you may have them running on the same or close to the same frequency. Try going into your wireless router and set the frequency to something different. I think bluetooth uses ~ 2.4 Ghz range but I am sure someone will either verify or correct that if I am wrong.
okay, thanks. How would I go about changing the router frequency though? i use a linksys wrt54g i think (im in school right now but i'll verify this when i get home)
It is in the wireless settings and it is called the "Wireless Channel".

See This Illustration from Linksys
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alright well i just got home and i just did that, now it's time to see how it works. I'll let you know if it works.
Wireless in the US uses the 2.4 ghz range, BT also uses 2.4ghz so you might have some interference going on. Even if you change the wireless channel it will still be in the 2.4 range.
yeah I researched the frequency BT runs at and I found 2.45, so I changed my router wireless to 2.41. Right now I get a MUCH better connection, but it still goes out on me sometimes, which sucks. It seems to go out on me more without my headset on now then it did before, but that might just be crappy hosts. Anyway, thanks for your help, it helped a bit, and if there's anything else you can think of don't hesitate to let me know!
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