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i have been using pc for a long period of time. Sometimes i use it for 8-9 hours a day with very less breaks. I never had this vision problem. I know my monitor is acting weirdly but i dont have time or money to replace it right now. My question is why is this happening. I know using pc for a long time causes this, but these days even if i play games for 15-20 mins i kinda have blurry vision. Tried looking at long distance but it doesnt help. Now my doubt is that something is wrong with my monitor which is causing this, maybe its related to refresh rate or something. Also i tried changing many cables but sometimes the monitor kindoff shows a reflection thing(like seeing text with a shadow) I confirmed this with my friend who has perfect vision(ps i dont have glasses as of now)
So i need help finding out the problem and also tips regarding what to do for avoiding this problem. Any excercise/tricks anybody knows which will help me?
My monitor is samsung 933sn set at 60hz at 1360x768 resolution.

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Sorry, your english is a little hard to understand, so I wanted to clarify.

Your friend verified that it's NOT the monitor and that it's your eyes that are causing what you're describing?

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Sorry was in a hurry so typed without thinking, even i am finding it difficult to understand it right now.
Ok so let me clarify, i think something's wrong with my monitor because even after using it for 10-15 mins, my eyes get strained. Everything looks blurry for a while and have to look away for a few mins for my vision to go back to normal.
Also sometimes my monitor acts all weird and i can clearly see text with shadow effect, though its not too much but its noticeable. I tried changing the cables,works for few hours and then again randomly i encounter the same problem.
So my question is, how are my eyes getting strained? Is it because of the problem with refresh rate or some other reason altogether. Does this happen with anyone else too, i know using pc for a long time causes eye strain but mine get tired pretty quickly.
I hope people can understand my lingo this time.

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Don't mess round with your vision. U can never get it back.
When troubleshooting: think of 4Ms..man, method, machine, and material.

#1 Man
U need to rule out that u don't have a medical condition that is slowly triggering this.
See an eye doctor to rule out stuff like diabetes or something else related...your diet, your age.

#2 Machine
Factory reset all monitor setting.
Connect monitor to a different computer to see if u have some problem.
Also, be aware that any monitor over 3 yrs old may cause slight blurr which goes unnoticeable until u r expose for long periods of time.
Or cheap way is to switch out your monitor with a friend or coworker for 1-2 days and see if you can same issues.

#3 Method
Look at windows settings...
Try this...

From Windows, click START

Right click over MY COMPUTER

Click on ADVANCED tab

Under Performance section, click SETTINGS


Now uncheck all the boxes that performs shadows.

For example:

"Show shadows under mouse pointer"

#4 Material
Look material "stuff" around u.
For example: Is monitor too close, is room too dark, is there too much backlight from a nearby window which causes eye strain

Good luck... Your vision is priceless.
Until you find the root cause, you're screwed!

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If youre using windows 8 have you tried adjusting your cleartype settings? with mine I always found the text hard to read after I had been working for an extended period of time.. also are you using an actual monitor? or an HDTV as a monitor. because the latter has resulted in countless hours of eye strain for many of my friends.. I cant say that its the same for you but its something to be mindful of and im not sure if they are gimmicky or are giving people the placebo affect but try those gaming glasses that keep popping up maybe they will help a little. I wish I was a bit more well versed in these things so I could give a more comprehensive post but these are my thoughts and suggestions hope they help you :)
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