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I had plans to use these on my rig but have come across hard times, leaving me scraping for money and well...that includes having to sell things that are not necessary.

Both units are brand-new, in-box, un-opened and manufacturer seal-wrapped. $100 each.

These drives are rated at 450r/450w with a 3yr manufacturer warranty. In the kit you will find (according to the box, see images):

  • SSD
  • USB Enclosure
  • 3.5' mounting brackets
  • Power and SATA cable
  • Installation DVDs
  • 7mm adapter
Because of the circumstances, I will only accept PayPal - NON Credit-Card Preferred

Price includes shipping to US 48 through USPS Priority from FL, tracking number will be provided once the item is shipped (1-2 days from closing).

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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