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Someone i know has offered me a ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe board for £30. It's used for a few months only, but was wondering if anyone has them and could give me some info about them and are they any good.

I have the M2N68 right now but lacks SLI capabitites which is why i'm tempted to get the ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe. Is is a good OC'er? Does it supports my CPU - X3 720 BE?
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The Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe is a great board that is made for the Nvidia SLI compliment. The M2N32 can take the athlon line of am2 processors. The memory runs at 800 speed only and cannot take 1066 or Phenom as far as the Manual says.
I Still think it is a great board for the AMD 6000+ running at 3.1 ghz and tight 800 speed ram. It only uses Hyperthreading 2.0 which is limited to 1000 x2 2000 mbs.

It uses the 590 SLI which would be perfect for 2 GTX 8800 in SLI. You would still have a Kickin Rig man.

30 quid would be pretty good but 25 would be better.
man, that's a hell of a bargain. and that mobo is in the top of it's class.
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It will not support your CPU, so there is no reason to be looking at buying it.
It will run both the x3 and x4,and 1066 ram see here-http://www.overclock.net/amd-motherb...-club-129.html read the last ten pages.

you will be amazed

this board oc's very well.

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Originally Posted by Drakan290 View Post
It will not support your CPU, so there is no reason to be looking at buying it.
it won't.

edit: i realized it was a 590. my bad
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Originally Posted by gerikoh View Post
it will. just update the bios.
Want to give me a link for that?
The press release for Phenom/Phenom II's stated that no AM2 (not +) boards would support Phenom/Phenom II processors, or at least, it wasn't officially supported. Not to mention it's a 590 chipset, and his current board is more powerful.
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ohhh ok, i'll take back what i said
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