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bobcool cant find what he wants!!!!!

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I'm looking for a case that has psu on the bottom and is 32 X any thing X any thing (D X H X W). It must have 5 or more 5 1/2 bays. It can"t be 9 billion inches tall ether. I think I might have to build my own
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I'm and Antec fanboy, so here.

EDIT: oh, wait, that's not 32 inches deep. Lemme look some more.
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Why does it have to be 32 inches deep?thats big
because i going to put a 3 fan raid inside and 2 fan raid and a 1 fan raid and all of it is going to be going to lan parties so it will all be internal
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You can try a v2000. See this link for an idea on how to set it up.

Originally Posted by not2bad

You gonna need to put wheels on that thing

It has wheels on it.

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