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Boolean comparisons with Chars?

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in my C class I'm one step away from completing my program with all of the required output and details. The one thing I'm stumped on is data validation.

Basically, I read from an input file in a specific format. The first value is a char that can either be, C, c, T, t, B, b. They stand for car, truck, and bus and are put into a switch.

I do fscanf to read from the file, but if someone uses a data file with say, a first value that is like X, or V, or straight up "feces", I want the program to terminate.

Problem is, I can't simply do

if (*vehicle != 'c' || 'C' || ...) because boolean operators, I assume(that's what visual studio says), are inoperable with chars.

I can post my code if it is necessary.

Thank you.
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You can convert to int and use the ascii values..
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i actually figured out an easier way to do it since i've haven't had experience with data type conversions yet, i just read in the char alone by itself and checked it against a switch.

thanks for your input though
You want


if (*vehicle != 'c' && *vehicle != 'C' && ...)
Every value that you || or && together should be a boolean expression (a == b, a != b, etc). If you do


if (*vehicle != 'c' || 'C')
This is equivalent to


if ((*vehicle != 'c') || 'C')
Here 'C' is evaluated as a boolean. Since the value of the ascii character 'C' is nonzero it is taken to be true. Because of this your if statement will always evaluate to true.

It's as if you wrote the following


if((*vehicle != 'c') || ('C' != 0))
And ('C' != 0) is a true statement
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