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Boot issues.

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Ive been working on my father's pc for a long time now. He had an intel mobo, pentium 4, and DDR333 rams and it couldn't boot to save its life. It got to about.... the loading screen MAX and then it reset.

I bought cheap a mobo+cpu+ram combo from a friend 75$. and got a free new HD.

its an ABIT UL8+AMD 64 sumthin+2 gigs of DDR400. Put all that in. Was workign GREAT. installed windows and everything. I started up a game of Day of Defeat source to mess with the visual settings (my dad likes that game) and after about 5 minutes. PC reset and now it cant boot to save its life either. The only variables that remain from the old PC to this one is the video card 7800GS AGP that i got back from BFG because of RMA and the pc case. Ive swapped out the PSU's constantly as well.

WHATS GOIN ON. I thought it could be case shortage but i cant isolate the issue. Possible dead video card? DID I WASTE 75$?!!!
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my friend had a similar issue. it turns out that not ALL of the holes in a motherboard should be used. ONLY the grounded holes with a silver ring on them. also make sure you take out any extra stand offs you may have (they may also short things out) and make sure the case is in good shape (tray isn't bent or anything like that)
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