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Boot troubles on new build

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My buddy just put together an i7 PC, its running a 600 watt PSU, 2.6GHz i7 CPU, proper mobo and everything, 4GB DDR3 RAM that is the standard suggested with the mobo and a 9800 GTX+.

Apparently he has connected everyting properly ( i can't see it as he is in his apartment about 3 hours away from me )

When he powers the PC on it'll run for a moment and then shut off immediately after. This will occur over and over again. Occaisionally the PC will turn on but the monitor will state there is no signal.

I've suggested to him that he reseat the RAM, try different DVI slots on the grapihcs card (to remedy the no signal issue), unplug and then replug the PSU into his mobo, nothing seems to correct his issue.

He does have power going to each piece of hardware, so would you all say its a faulty mobo or can you suggest some other troubleshooting ideas?

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Originally Posted by Juggalo23451
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trying to boot up with one stick of ram
monitor should be plugged in on the left dvi of the graphics card
tell him to check the connectors make sure the are plugged in the right way

already told him to reseat memory and only try one stick as well, didn't help. he tried booting from both dvi slots with multiple different tweaks, nothing. everything's been plugged in.
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