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looking for Someone in the US to purchase the 4 pack of borderlands and gift it to me.
Im in australia, and the price is way higher over here($159.97 USD), where as US is only $99.97.

So we need 4 people who can pay 25 each
then we all get it cheaper =)

t3haxle can has bought, sending payments/games now.

People who want in:
edzknows - Recieved
someone153 - recieved
t3haxle - Bought the pack

all done now =)
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I'm in the UK, and I'm happy to give some cash to someone if I get a copy

Edit: Forgot, no cash
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Ahh I give up. I'm going to buy this game. Count me in. I'd be willing to buy the game if I can get 3 other people to send me $25 to my paypal.
yaay only 2 more people.

i rekon you should just buy it now, there will be heaps of people interested in it.
Dont want to miss out on the sale

do you know how long you have until you need to gift the game?
like they expire after a certain time right?
cause i can maybe get 2 copies, 1 for a friend
Oh right, the sale is going to end at 11 lol. Do you think I should just go ahead and buy it?

Oh and gifts don't expire.
So I have seen many threads like this asking for people to chip in for this Borderlands 4 pack thing, but I still can't find it online haha... can someone help me out with a link please?
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thanks for the info on gifts, i was thinking gift trial pass things
well yea it ends in like 1 and a half hours (maybe its 11 for you, its like 1am here)

there has already been 2 threads like this, and loads of people wanted to buy it, so im guessing you would have no trouble getting rid of the spare copies.

as long as you have enough money right now go ahead and buy it, ill paypal you and you can send me the game =)

Its right here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/8980/

And I'll be right back, I have to go fix something on my car. Give me about 30 mins.

EDIT: I can buy it, but when I get back. I promise lol.
aww gee thats ages...

we will have at least 4 people by then though.
Actually my dad fixed it at like 4am this morning. Who gets up that early? But anyways I'm buying it now. I need two other people!!!!!
Oh my lord. I hate my bank account. Well scratch that. I for some reason can't access my bank account through paypal. I'll see if I can figure out whats up...
wow this is early. lucky you.

Umm wonder if Semper Fidelis wants in?

if not then more people will come shortly.

ill ask a friend now

You got any money in your paypal already?
i could possibly pay you upfront..
Lol I hope this goes down, 4 player co-op looks awesome.
yea same.

its so bloody expensive in AUS. Even for steam standards.
and retail is worse.

And even with the sale, its still a bit more then i'd like to pay in AUS.

So US it is!

4 player co-op is funn in L4D2.
should b evven bettter in this
Okay the problem is that I can't buy the whole pack with a bank account. I have to use a credit card, which I don't have. Sorry guys, but I can't buy it
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well can you use paypal?

how much you got in your paypal at the moment?
we can send you the money before you buy it.

this could be that problem that when it checks your account, if you have enough money to pay for it, it checks the non-sale amount. and if you dont have enough then it fails.

maybe t3haxle can buy the pack
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