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Borderlands and Tbone Junction

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Every time I try to play in this area my game freezes up and I have to control - alt - delete, and then I see the message saying that the game has crashed. The game is on steam so its updated 100%. Am I the only one?
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did you reinstall?

this never happened to me..

great game btw.
Drivers? Do you have the latest?

This has never happened to me, then again I don't have a rig spec'd similarly to yours.
Ive tried everything I can think of. Replaced my ram thinking it was faulty, and I upgraded my video card. I reinstalled and that didnt do anything. I also tried to get rid of all of my 'loot' thinking something was bugged - nope no help. Tried other characters, still crashed.

Drivers are new for everything on my computer - it wont tell me why its crashing and I find a TON of other people having the same problem but never a resolution.

I regret buying it through steam
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Modded guns give off errors during some of the dlc's. At least from my experience i find that happening
I dont have modded guns, I was thinking I had a bugged weapon or item - again nothing is modded.

Other than my video and audio drivers what other drivers should I check for updates? I know those two are up to date...
You can try rolling back video drivers, or if nvidia has beta drivers for your chip you can try those.

I assume your using gigabytes audio driver for the onboard sound? If you pulled the driver from windows update, try getting the latest through gigabytes website instead.


Originally Posted by Blindeye_03 View Post
I find a TON of other people having the same problem but never a resolution.
There is always someone crashing with any game. 100 people crashing sounds like the population of a country when they get loud enough. Makes it easy to forget that about 2 million people are running the game just fine. Are people crashing in the EXACT same spot as you while doing the EXACT same thing as you?

If all else fails I'd try a re-install.
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Reinstall wont help, Ive done that.

No sometimes it crashes on load, or somewhere in the DLC but it always happens with that DLC the most, but it still happens in other parts of the game - it just takes longer to happen.

And I mean I search online and find a LOT of threads about the same problems I have but never find a resolution.

Ill give the audio drivers a shot.
Updated audio drivers and no go, still crashes when I load that area.

Argh this is frustrating as hell.
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