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Bored Of XP...

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Hey guys, I didn't really know where to post this. So I put it here in the software section...
. I'm kind of getting bored with what windows Xp has to offer... I have the theme royale, but was wondering if there was any boot skins or other themes I could download without using software such as WindowBlinds.
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Try linux
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Go back to the windows 95,98,2000 theme haha i love it and im not totally sure about this but it may load faster at start up .......

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you need to specify if youre gonna make an accusation like that

Im a long time user of customize.org, deviantart.com and neowin.net and you wont find that crap on those sites, so dont go spreading false information regarding those sites

as for wincustomize and themexp, I dont use them so I couldnt care less anyway
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