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Ok i have an Apevia Xtelstar case here is my problem my blue led infront of the case burned out so iwent out to my local microcenter store and bought another light bulb to replace it (5mm red led tailed) intead of buying just a bulb i though it was easier just to buy the led with the wiring all done so what i did was just cut of the burn out led from my case and tried wiring back together and i should mention that instead of blue again i went with a red one instead * As you guys can vaguely see in the picture from the motherboard it leads to the power switch LED (3mm bulb) and from there it splits and goes to the font of the case inside the apevia logo (5mm bulb) When i tried wiring it back together the 3mm bulb from the power switch turned off and the red 5 mm bulb turned on i can't get both of them to light up together any help would be apreciated
forgot to mention i can't swap out the 3mm light bulb by the power switch because i can't remove the plastic casing on it

Here are the specs of the light bulb im trying to install

Voltage range: 12-14 Volts DC

5mm size
Draw: less than 26 mA
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