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Is it possible for a GTX 670 to bottleneck an i7 870 @ 4GHz?

I played GTA 4 last night. Modded and ****s. Was getting pretty decent FPS. From around 40-60 at day and ~30-40 at night. But I started MSI Afterburner for monitoring and I saw that it uses my CPU at around averagely 37%. And I also saw that my GPU is running at 80-90% most of the time. I haven't done other checks than MSI Afterburner (combined w/ HWinfo64 for the CPU info). I have HT enabled, is it possible that it counts the threads too and doesn't give me real information or something? Because I don't think an i7 870 @ 4GHz is that low.

Thanks for your time!

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Depending on the resolution, but the short answer is no.
With just one 670 (or even two for that matter), the 870 oc'ed to 4GHz will not cause a CPU bottleneck.
My CPU usage goes up when I play FC3, BF3 MP, even MW3 MP to 50-60% sometimes.
I've heard however that GTAIV is somehow broken (CPU wise), so getting 80-90% GPU usage while modded is very good.
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