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Brake My WR in Pursuit in NFS-MW. Finally! 7.5M+

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So today I finally passed the 5M that I couldn't go pass but I guess I got into it so much that I forgot the time and here it is:


My total overall bounty comes to 245M+

I'm wondering if someone went higher than that? Even though, close to 30min in one session was way too much, I usually am about 15 to 18 min at the most.
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My friend had a 45 minutes chase in MW when it first came out, he was trying to beat the longest chase that is default on the game which is at 30 minutes, but then he couldn't get away for 15 minutes at Level 5 heat, I remember his stats being insane.
I luv this game. I played it for another, almost 30 min today but you guys remember the crap about this game issue with freezing because of some apps? Well that happened today and 3 times.

I hate when this happens but it'll go out for days w/o an issue and all of the sudden? Baam! errors left and right.
Longest I had was 22 minutes.
Mine longest was a little longer, but not as much bounty. And yes, same car. Carrera GT << best car for long pursuit?

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