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Brand-new config

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So I just finished building a PC and here is the setup.
AMD 720 BE

XIGMATEK Black Knight hsf


Antec 300 Black Steel Case

550W Corsair PSU

OCZ Platinum 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model OCZ3P16004GK

Sapphire Radeon HD 5770

After I slowly installed it all and followed the instructions to a T, it fires up without any beeps or anything, but I have no display on my HDTV? All of the fans are running, but the 5770 fan speeds up, then slows down, then speeds up, slows down? Anyone know what could be the problem with the card displaying, and the fan acting that way? Is there something I need to do to get the motherboard setup to use that card the first time?
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are you absolutely positive that everything is correctly powered?? (for ex. 6-pin power connector for the 5770 plugged, motherboard 8-pin power connector plugged, etc.)

sometimes you just have to turn the PSU on and off a couple of times to get everything to POST correctly. so that could be it.
i had the same problem.....i flashed my bios or took the battery out and it worked. that fan slowing and starting is the video card initializing. take out the bios battery for 30 seconds and put it back in bet it works
Thanks, I just need a little direction to start troubleshooting. So I flipped the power off and on a few times and still nothing. I then took out the battery for 10 secs, then tried and flipped power on and off again and still nothing. Just teh graphics card fan increasing and decreasing again. I have the card plugged into the power directly from the PSU (6 pin) and thats it right? I also have both the 2x12 and 12V 2x4 power sources plugged into the motherboard. Any other suggestions?
So how would I know if my card is a lemon? I have tried all sorts of things. Unplugging fans, usb, hd to see if it made any difference but no. Still hear the stupid card rev up then down then up then down. Fan on CPU is working, HD works. Is there anything that could be messed up or that would cause a card to do that? I dont know if trying to connect to my HDTV (like I had done with my old computer) was causing some problems or not. Just dont know what to do and it is aggravating.
hmmm...yeah it certainly could be a defective card but I would maybe connect the PC to a spare monitor with a DVI input if you have got one and haven't tried to do that already. worth giving a shot.
Yeah I wonder if I need to try that, I will have to find a monitor. I was just worried that my card is having issues where it revs and slows.
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