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Right now I'm using my LG 42'' monitor (I say monitor because it has no tv tuner to my knowledge...I'll have to double check.) as my TV.

I've hooked the following up to it
1) HTPC via DVI
2) Main Rig via DVI
3) Wii via Component
4) Xbox via HDMI
5) PS2 via Component

Now the problem is that the component inputs (with the exception of the ps2 and parts of the cable box.) are so bright that I can hardly read anything on the screen.

Here's where it gets weird. If I watch TV through the component part of the monitor, the COMMERCIALS are so bright I can't watch it, the shows are just fine.

If I lower the brightness, I can't read anything on my htpc or other ports...as I said, it's just component...any ideas?

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i have a similar problem with component at home on my tv, except the green doest work. I would first try different cables or test a different tv with component. The connectors in back of tv could not be making connection(broken). Typically it can be fixed by opening it up and make sure all points are intact.
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