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Hopefully you guys can help me out.

I've been using a thermaltake water 2.0 pro for the past 2 years with no problems. Yesterday after taking my pc apart for cleaning I started having heat issues with my 3770k. It is idling at 60c and goes over 100c within seconds if I try to run anything.

When I was reinstalling the cooler the radiator slipped out of my hand and fell into my case, it only fell like 6 inches, so I don't think that's the cause of the problem. The pump is running, I can feel it vibrate when the computer is turned on. The pump and one of the tubes connecting the radiator is warm, the other tube and the radiator itself is cold. When I unplug the fans there is no difference in temperature, leading me to believe that for whatever reason the water isn't making its way through the radiator.

I already tried tilting the case to try to coax out any air bubbles (I even took the whole cooler out and shook it about outside of the case). I reseated the cpu twice, no improvement.

At this point, I have no idea what could be causing the problem.

Bad way to start winter break.
Turning off the fans will not cause an immediate change in temperatures, the liquid has to heat up first for any affect to happen. You must have put way too much thermal paste, had a bad mount or forgotten to plug in a connector of some sort for the AIO. Just check the connections first, then try reinstalling the cooler.
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