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Brrrr,you would think that folding would help warm up my room.

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This sort of annoys me. During the summer when I ran [email protected] my system would run hot, so my room would be several degrees warmer than the rest of the house. So I took having a fan blowing across me whenever I was at my computer.

But now it's winter time. You'd think, Hey! He's got this big 'ol computer with a graphics card running at 65C, pumpin' out heat, I bet it sure helps warm up his room!

The reality: No. My room is actually lower in temperature than the rest of the house. Even when folding. Huuuuh????

Upside: my CPU runs 2C cooler than it did in summer.
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I know - it's so annoying. My rig makes my room baking hot in the summer, and now that it's the winter I'm freezing up there - my rig seems to have no effect on the room temp.
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But a computer can impact a room's temperature. I have a buddy who lives outside of Toronto, he rents a house with a few other students. They've got something like nine computers between them: three gaming rigs, four laptops, an i7 workstation, and a server. Even in Canada they don't have to pay much for heating in winter: they just leave their computers on.

EDIT: Just asked him what they've got. His workstation (i7 920, FX580, 8GB RAM. He needs a powerful rig for his CAD stuff), a Pentium D file server, two gaming rigs (one with SLI GTX280s, dunno about the other), an HP Pavilion something, two mid-range laptops, a gaming laptop, and a netbook. Something like twelve screens in all, plus the network equipment... Their electric bill is their biggest expense methinks.

ANYWAY, it's cold.
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Check stuff like making sure your storm window is closed, etc. My room is on the chilly side, however i like it that way. No heating at all, just the computer folding away.
i have to keep a window open in the winter. my 2 8800GTS(G92) get it pretty warm in here. If i close the window when i go to sleep, its almost 80F when i wake up.
One of my rigs is in my garage, it keeps it around 60F when its below 32F outside.
My room stays hot due to my computer. I can set my thermostat to around 67F and my room will stay a constant 73+. I walk out of my room into the hallway and it's freezing most of the time. Good thing I stay in my nerd room alot
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My pc used to heat up my room a lot when I had a Pentium D, but now it takes a lot longer for my cave to get warm because my proc stays @ 20c and my gpu @ 50c. Not much heat anymore!
My pc actually cools my room lol.
I have all the fans at max.
My rig with 3 GPUs can easily keep my bedroom warm up until it gets below 50F outside. Then I actually have to close my window. When it gets down to 20-30F outside my apartment will still be in the low 70s.

Of course I live on the third floor so that helps too..
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