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I just updated to Windows 10 (after a fresh install of 7 and only installed necessary drivers). I then OC'd the computer using the Ivy Bridge Asus guide. Everything was running fine at 1.230 V 4.5GHz (I ran Prime95 for 24+ hours) I then tried to see if I could run on a little lower voltage (1.220V), but the computer froze (no BSOD, just freezes). I then upped it to 1.225 V, but got the same freezing issue.
I went back to the 1.230 V and ran Prime95, but after only 30 minutes I got the BSOD, WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR.

Any ideas why it would be stable and then become unstable?

Thank you.

Here is my .dmp file

042316-16656-01.zip 46k .zip file


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