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Budget Motherboard Help

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Hi folks, I've been out of the loop on the ever changing equipment for approx 8 months now and I have no idea what is available out there. I'm building a new matcheen for my Pappy and will likely put an E7400 or Q8200 in it but haven't a clue on a motherboard to match it with. I'd rather not spend more than $140 for the board. I will likely OC the cpu a tad for an extra added boost so it would be handy for the board to OC a tad. If you can help me with suggesting a Mobo I'd appreciate it.
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There is a used X45 JR in the For Sale section for $120.
There are also a few good less expensive Giga MBs that the intel geeks will chime in on too though
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You can find the Gigabyte EP45-UD3R for around that price point? Seeing as your in Oakville, I'm assuming thats Oakville Ontario? Newegg.ca does have the boards for about $140-150
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