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Build be a good performance/price water cooling kit

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I've read the stuff before, but I'd like someone to build me one. I may buy it, but I'm compiling information.

Would a decent one be like 2 rads?

I'm currently trying to understand some stuff before I build a custom techstation.
I want it to be watercooling ready too. I'm still drawing out the blue print, so I have to get a lot of information about this and some otehr stuff. Thanks!

And I was planning on some red liquid inside, if there is such thing?
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Here is my list as a reference:

CPU: Apogee GTZ or D-tek fuzion v2 both are $61.95
Rad: BI GTX 360 $99.95 or XSPC RX360 $94.95
Pump+Res option 1: MCP-655 $74.95 + Microres v2 $24.50
Pump+Res option 2: MCP-355 $63.95 + XSPC Res-Top $38.95
Tubing: 7/16"ID Durelene $0.45/ft
Fans: GTX360: 114CFM Scythe $8.95/each or PA120.3: 88CFM Yate Loons $3.30/each (Pricing for 3-9 fans)
Barbs: DD/BP Fatboys $2.50/each
Coolant: Distilled water from local supermarket. (Price will vary on your store)
Misc: PT-Nuke $2.50

Now for totals... all totals have 20ft of tubing, 8 barbs, and 3x fans.

Med/High CFM (Loud)
Option 1 - GTX360+pumpres1+Scythes= $317.20
Option 2 - GTX360+pumpres2+Scythes= $320.65

Low/Med CFM (Quiet)
Option 3 - PA120.3+pumpres1+Y-L= $312.20
Option 4 - PA120.3+pumpres2+Y-L= $315.65

Cheapest CPU Only Option:
CPU*: XSPC Delta V3 - $44.95
Pump*: DD Db-1 - $42.95
Rad*: Swifty 220 - $38.95 - Choose your barbs here. (It will save you $1)
Barbs: 2x Fatboys - Select BP G1/4 1/2" Fittings - $4
T-block*: ½" Nylon T -$1.35
Tubing: 15ft durelene - $6.75
Fans: 3x Yate Loons - $9.90
Misc: PT-Nuke $2.50

Total: $151.35

If you are lacking in space, Options 2 and 4 would be best. If you want silence w/o a fan controller, Option 3 and 4 are for you (1 and 2 if you have fan controller). If you have extra space and want a separate res then Options 1 and 3.

*NOTE 1: If this is for CPU loop only and you have no plans on expanding to GPUs then I would recommend a 240 rad instead. Here are some choices:
Med/High CFM (Loud)
BI GTX 240 $89.95

Low/Med CFM (Quiet)
XSPC RX240 $79.95
Swiftech 220 Rad $38.95

*NOTE 2: If you want a 360 rad but you are on a really tight budget and this is still too high, switch the rad to...
Swiftech 320 Rad $48.95.

For fans, I would use the Yate Loons mentioned before. (This rad is a single pass and not dual like the other two.)

*NOTE 3: If you are on a really tight budget, cut out the reservoirs and use a T-line. You'll have to buy a T-fitting in its place though. I would recommend the...
1/2" Nylon T $1.35

*NOTE 4: If the D5 is too expensive, then a cheaper alternative would be:
DangerDen Db-1 $42.95

*NOTE 5: You may or may not want to add GPUs to your loop down the road so here are some GPU only block recommendations(If you want fullcover blocks, they are much more expensive and much more specialized.):
D-Tek Fuzion GFX v2 $46.95
Swiftech MCW-60 Rev.2 $39.95

*NOTE 6: If you have a fan controller, then any of the above options are good.

*NOTE 7: If you are going for i7, then you'll need 1366 adapters:
D-tek Fuzion 1366 $13.95
Apogee GTZ 1366 $10.95

I hope this helps.
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