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This is my build log for my Apple PowerMac G5 converted to an ATX case for my hackintosh. While finishing the motherboard decided to fry itself again (problem with the board using multiple RAM sticks, been RMA'd already and not wanting to deal with it anymore as they seem unable to fix the issue).

Here is what I originally started with:

I lost a lot of my pre-build pictures, so I'll jump right into the first cuts. Removing the back panel after I gutted the case:

After removing all of the original standoffs I cleaned up the backplate:

Riveted the new Li-Lian Replacement Mobo Tray in and put everything back together and did a test-fit with an old ATX server board

While waiting for some J-B Weld to dry around the tray I decided to mount my monitors to the back of my desk:

Next I decided to primer the whole case as a base, while this was drying I decided to wrap the mobo tray itself in some black carbon fiber vinyl I got off Ebay

No before pics, but here is some after primer and tray re-installed pics:

Here is where I found out the Mobo was faulty the first time and sent it out for RMA, to make sure my H80i wasn't leaking I decided to give it an overnight leak test, it passed:

While waiting for the RMA of the board and processor, I started to Vinyl wrap the rest of the case, starting with the top and bottom:

Doing some test-fitting:

Next I started with the door, here are some before pics:

After cut (rough, but cleaned it up), added Vinyl wrap, some rubber, and then some acrylic for the window:

Next made a plug extension for the PSU, quite simple:

Window in and all vinyl done:

Working on power supply tray:

Got tired of all the un-needed wires, decided to buy a modular and sleeve it:

Finally got my RMA products back!!

Bench test (Forgot to fill RAM slots, so thought problem was fixed when it wasn't!)

Gettting everything in the case

Working on a shroud/SSD mount:

Everything together minus shroud, mobo fried again...

Took everything apart and boxed up, ready to sell on ebay to get funds for the next project, hoping on a TJ07!

Final pictures of the case by iteself:

Overall I'm pleased with how it turned out. If it weren't for the motherboard problems I would probably keep this setup for quite some time.

Thanks for looking at my log, and I applogize for the bad quality to some of the pictures :x
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