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Build for my Birthday!

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Well my B-Day is coming up in a month or so and I am looking to ask my parents to help me start my build.

What I need is something that will OC alot on a budget... I would like to keep my 6800gt AGP.. or I could try to sell it on ebay. Not sure as to what I am going to do about that...

I want to get either an opty 146 or maybe a 3200+ Venice.

Mobo.... Definetly DFI if I sell my gfx card but if not I guess I would be stuck with an ASROCK DUAL board.. hmmmmm

What should I do..

Please name a CPU/MOBO/RAM combo around 400 total would be nice.. My parents are putting my sister through college right now so money is tight.

Thanks in advance!
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Originally Posted by lost

Where can I find MOBO and CPU combos

Here is a cheap combo off of Fry's outpost...
If you can survive with matx, only one PCIe, and 2 dimms, but it comes
witha 3700 SD and is only $249.99 plus s&h (was only like 8 bucks)
Sell the agp card, buy this and a pcie 7800gt is my suggestion...
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