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For some time, I trying to build my rigs as quietly as possible, and I build some quiet rigs with reasonable price. But then, I wanted something different for late night surfing, watching movies and everyday light use.

And, it begins, I borrowed stuff from my Node rig and add some more. I wanted to spend minimal on this (maybe fail) 0db rig, resulting buying things like pico psu and mssd on ebay. I was aware of quality, but i dont care, I want cheap (almost) 0db rig.

ECS H67-H2-I
Intel G530
2x4Gb Mushkin Silver 1333 (unnecessary 8 gigs, but then memory was cheap)
"Samsung" mSSD 32Gb (cheapest 32gb model on ebay with poor performance compared to real ssds, but i dont care while i don't hear him)
pico itx 120W psu + 120W adaptor
Xigmatek Balder -> in near future ill replace it with Ninja3
custom plexi case






I tested rig with passive scythe bigshuriken, but temps was too high and I decided to go with tower. I lost on dimensions, but now temps are ok. Highest temperature under prime was 70 degrees. In everyday use i didn't see it above 60. I expect to lower it for few degrees with another cooler. Im little bit disappointed in that ecs mainbord because i cant lower cpu voltage.

In a few days I will update with custom case.

sorry for my bad english

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We will see
But thats nothing that compressed air cant solve

few words about temperature:

under prime+furmark temps are about 75 degrees after one hour. Temperature in room is 31.5 degres. Now, when im surfing and listening music/watshing movies temps are about 45-50 degres.

Its little high for ordinari pc, but no wents, no moving parts and 31 degree ambient, im satisfied.

Next case revision will be with ninja3 and Intel G1620 processor
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