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[Build Log] 1st time Watercooling build with Phantom 820 and Maximus Formula VI

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As the title says this will be my 1st watercooling build. Decided on the Phantom 820 early on then saw IT Diva's build logs with modding the top of the Phantom 630 top to fit a thicker Rad with Push/Pull. Asked her for some advice and she suggested I do a build log of it. So here I am. Go easy on me since this will be my 1st time cutting/dremeling anything.

Parts list:

CPU: Intel i7-4770K (Will Delid at a later date)
MB: Asus Maximus Formula VI
Case: Phantom 820 (Gun Metal)
RAM:G.SKILL Trident X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 2400Mhz
GPU: MSI Lighting GTX 580 1.5GB MSI 7950 OC Reference 3GB
SSD: Plextor M5P 128GB and 2x Sandisk Extreme 240GB
PSU: Corsair AX1200i

Watercooling Parts:

CPU Block: XSPC Raystorm
Radiator 1: Alphacool UT 45 Black Ice Extreme II GTX 360
Radiator 2: Black Ice Extreme II GTX 280 or Alphacool Monsta 280
Radiator Fans: 6x Silverstone FM121 and 4x Bgears Blaster 140mm
Pump: Swiftech MCP35X w/Heatsink
Reservoir: Bitspower Water Tank Z-Multi 250 - Full Clear Acrylic Version XSPC Photon 270 Res
Tubing: PrimoFlex Advanced LRT (Bloodshed Red)
Fittings: Monsoon Fittings and vairous Bitpowers adapters
Fan Controller: Sunbeam Rheobus 4 Channel Fan Controller (Placeholder until I can decide on something better)

Still need to decide on which 280mm Rad I want for the bottom mount. Leaning towards the GTX 280 but worry about flow rate. From what I can make out of Martin's pump guide is that I should still have enough flow in my loop even with 2 restrictive Rads in my loop. Wary of the Monsta due to build quality issue I had with the UT45 that the GTX 360 replaced.

Will post some pics of the top mod after I get back today.
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Here's some pic of the top mount with the Diva Mod. 1st time cutting anything so go easy on me for the crappy cuts ~~ A bit worry about how the white fans is gonna look in the case with everything else mostly red and black but I can only wait and see when the built is finish.

From other ppls post I knew I will have space issue with tubing from the front so out goes a peice from the front bays.

Need to wait for the bottom Rad before i try to figure out where I'm gonna put my XSPC Photon 270 Res.

Any comments or advice is appreciated!!
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The MSI 7950 came in today along with the Black Ice GTX 280 and the fans I will be using with it (plus a mini valve to add to my loop for draining)

Was originally planning to cannibalize my GTX 580 Lighting from my current rig to use in this one and save up for either the 780 or the 9000 series but then saw that crazy deal on Newegg so I couldn't resist.

Yes, it's the crappy reference cooler on it. But at $158 with the 3 free games I couldn't pass it up. Though I gotta note the thing weights like 1/3 of my MSI GTX 580 Lighting. At 1st I was thinking about getting a waterblock for it but then I would probably be better off getting another 7950 at that price to crossfire.

The build quality on these Black Ice Rads are top notch. Gotta love the gloss.
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Fitted the XSPC Photon 270 Res into the case. Definitely like how it looks atm.

So I had to shimmy the Diva Mod up 1 washer more to make a bit more room for the Res (Filling is gonna be a pain with basically 0 clearance up top). Tested the top fan to make sure of clearance and of course disaster strikes....

Heard the clicking sound so I knew it was clipping something up top but didn't know one of the blade cracked till the fan won't spin. Thankfully the blade didn't fly off the fan and damage the Rad so I'm counting my blessing there.

Gotta figure out where to put the MCP35X pump now since there isn't much room and the original plan I had in mind isn't working out.
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