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Hi there! This is my first build log on the site and what better way to start than with a freshly delivered 900D!

The theme (love it or hate it) is EK's line of CSQ products - every one you can think of. The color theme for the build will be green, white, gray and black. It will consist entirely of custom acrylic tubing instead of regular hose tubing, of course I may at some point during the build realize I need to use regular hose - but I will try not to. In addition to the acrylic lots of bitspower rotary's and extenders will be used. Also, I have never done a build this big nor have I ever used acrylic so this should be interesting. Please note that I am a perfectionist and every tube and design element will be 100% the best it can be

There will be two separate loops: 1- CPU, Mobo, Ram and 2- GPU's.

Now, in general I lead a busy life so this wont be one of those build logs that has a picture and description of every screw I mount
However I will frequently update with photo's and, when needed, go into detail on a lot of the general ideas for the build and the case.



Core Components:

CPU: 3930k
Mobo: Rampage IV Extreme
Ram: 16gb Dominator GT
GPU: 3 x GTX 680 >>>>>>>>> Now 3 x GTX 780
PSU: AX1200
SSD: Samsung 840 Pro 512gb

EK CSQ stuff:

EK Supremacy CPU block
EK Dominator Ram block x 2
EK RIVE block set
EK GTX 680 block x 3 >>>>>>>>> Now EK Titan Original CSQ block x 3
EK Triple Parallel SLI bridge
EK MCP35 pump top x 2
EK Bay reservoir
EK X3 250 reservoir


Pumps: MCP35x x 2
Radiator upper: EK 480 XT
Radiator lower right: EK 480 XT
Radiator lower left: EK 240 XT
Radiator front: Alphacool ST30 240
Fans: Corsair SP120 x 20
2-3 Meters of E22 Acrylic Tube 12mm/10mm
Coolant: Primochill DI water with Mayhem's Pastel Mint Green - ~2.5 liters


ALL Bitspower - too many to list


Custom made/sleeved from scratch by THIS guy


With my old system gone I don't have access to adobe lightroom so all of my photo's will be coming straight form my 60D
However once the system is up and running I'll take some gorgeous shots.

That's it for now - I'm off to start on this beast!

Update 6/15/2013 - Here's the current status of the build


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subbed for the first ever 900D build (at least first i've saw)!!!!!
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