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[Build Log] - Acid Burn (Updated)

So i have spent years building computers, i even make a living doing it. Yet in all that time never built a custom water cooled pc for my self. Well here it is. The waiting is over. I call it Acid Burn, Yeah i know 1995 Hackers... well green rgb everywhere so it fits.

I Just finished building a stand alone system that does not require any CPU power to monitor the temperature of the system and open the top of the case depending on workload. Under normal use the top stays closed, gaming opens to 60% and video editing or heavy gaming under OC, 100% open. The video is just showing a startup test moving the actuators in a sequence. full,closed, mid, closed, then on to the routine. I use a light sensor to monitor an LED on the motherboard to power on the sensors and servos when the PC is started. A Relay kills the power to all the sensors and servos when the motherboard turns off. A pair of DT11 Sensors monitor the Internal and External Temperature and Humidity. The Temperature readings control the position of the exhaust vents. The humidity readings will eventually kill power to the PC if the values stray too far from one another (WIP: Humidity Readings are an attempt at leak detection will take power button low/high depending on power on or off the pc)
Cut out back of case, Designed and 3D printed a bracket to mount the back plate of the GPU.


Used this mount off Thingiverse

Drilled a hole in the case to put a drain port out the back.

Tried to make it my own.

Parts List


Asus X99 Deluxe /u3.1

Intel I7 5820k

16gb Corsair LPX 3000

Asus Strix 1080ti OC

Samsung 250gb NvME SSD

4 x Samsung SSDs Raid 0

EK x99 CPU Waterblock

EK Strix 1080ti Waterblock and Backplate

12 x Thermaltake Pacific RGB Fittings

XSPC 360mm Radiator

XSPC 280mm Radiator

EK 140mm DDC Pump Res

PrimoChill Vue Ocular Flow Coolant

NZXT Hue+ LEDs & AER Fans

EVGA 1600 G2 Powersupply

Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX

Cablemod Custom ParaChord cables

Misc fittings from EK


Humbrol - Enamel Green/Black


Aquarium Heater

Bucket of water

Top Exhaust - Fix Poor Airflow (video below)

4 x PQ12-100-R Linear Servo

1 x Arduino Uno

1 x Relay

1 x Light Sensor

2 x DT11 Sensor

4 x 3D printed custom mounts

1 x 6v 3A DC Power Adapter

Arduino is powered via 5v over USB connected to PC for serial interface

Sensors and servos are powered via DC6v 3a wall adapter


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