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[Build Log] - Azza Helios Mod

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Hey OCN,

This is my first build log, so here it goes.

I built my sig rig a while ago, and I decided to take the plunge into water cooling. I'm sticking with my Azza Helios, which is wayyy too small to fit a rad in. The plan is to cut out the top of the case, and to replace it with a radiator housing, cut out the side panel fan, and replace it with a window.

I've already sleeved all of my PSU cables, getting all of it to fit is the main goal! My apologies ahead of time, I only have a camera phone to take these pics with, but I thought I'd share anyways.

XPSC RASA RX360 Watercooling Kit
7/16th ID Compression Fittings
Sleeves from MDPC!

This is what the my case used to look like:

The Inside

And I've taken it all apart!

First Step: Side Window!
Here's the side panel disassembled, with the new window cut out.

I'll clean it up, and glue in the window tomorrow.

I've already started working on the radiator housing too, its going to look alot like large trapazoid. This is going to become the mounting plate for the radiator!

Tomorrow I'll hopefully get a bunch of work done on the motherboard tray, putting in more cable routing holes, and grommeting them!

Thanks for looking!
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