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[Build log] Compact Splash - Fischje's small Living Room and LAN Cube

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my name is Matthias. I'm from germany. At the mean time i'm modding and building my machines at the german website and forum "hardwareluxx.de". But as I come close to the Caselabs-Cases since last year, I often read build logs here at overclock.net. I have a Mercury S8 with a pedestral as my main machine and for over 3-4 weeks I build a smaller s3 for my wife. Both with watercooling configuration. Perhaps I will shoot some pictures of them too.

I was fascinated from the option of steam-streaming and other things giving people the option of sitting in their living room wanting to play games like tomb raider at there couches. And for second I always knew I need a compact case for LAN-Partys because I don't want my S8 come with me can't transport it.
So I bought the Compact Splash #74 from a member here and wanted to build a tiny little watercooled machine, that is so nice to look at and can be put into my living room.

I'm not a very ordinary guy, so it's double hard for me to build such a thing, but i'll give it a try.

If you're intersted in looking up my process during the build time i'll be very happy if you sub my thread. Okay, let's get it on.

After 6 Years i decided to redo my Compact Splash.


Part I: Unpacking
Part II: Mobo Painting
Part III: More PlastiDip painting wink.gif
Part IV: Parts came back from painter
Part V: Mobo tryout. First Impression of Pumpchoice
Part VI: Test of LED-Stripes
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Guten tag bro! I'm sorry I missed this build log. Been busy with other errands
You should also be receiving a PM from me that serves as a care package for your build and build log. Regarding your build logs structure, I'd love to offer insight/advice in PM. If you're interested then we can move on from your care package PM

Lovely work though! Keep up the progress.

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Only want to let you know:

This project is still alive. Currently i'm changing the pump and reservoir, because the new one from watercool doesn't fit. It was too big.

Now I'm changing it to ek 100 ddc top.

Pictures incoming.

After that i will make some custom cables and the last thing before end is to get the glass-tubes in.

Greetz Fischje
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