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Build Log: Keoji (56K Warning!)

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This system was originally my file server and daily machine, but I've thought up some pretty interesting modifications, and I'm comfortable with making some things permanent. And so, I decided to start a build log, seeing as this may end up as something actually cool.

Well folks, this is my first real build log, and I'd like to say its come pretty close to some real "building"
. It all started when I wanted to put my makeshift watercooling parts to use, and It evolved into a whole project in and of itself. Right now, Keoji has had most of the major things finished. Here's the list of things that are considered done, and following it, a list of things to finish.

- Radiator Mounted to the back of the Chassis
- Pump power wired into the PSU (to clean up some wiring)
- 95% of the case wiring redirected and cleaned up (finishing touches await)
- Tubing for the water cooler has been managed
- Handle mounted
- External DVD-RW removed from enclosure and wired into case (the external dongle is virtually useless anyway)

To be completed:
- New res-bay needs to be fabricated
- Internal wiring needs to be finished once-and-for-all
- Water lines need to be sealed and leak-proofed
- Silent fans need to be implemented (whisper silent)

Here are some pictures of progress:
Half-way into it:

Underside of the top of the case where the handle is mounted and reinforced:

I have to say, it's an ingenious design. The lower flap goes into the bottom, the upper flap is on top, and the bolt holds both flaps together. When its lifted, force is exerted on both flaps, and since its hinged tightly on the bolt, its rock solid. This thing is rock solid even against the heavy weight of the water setup, I like it.

Top of it:

Handle Donor

It was fun ripping the handle off of that thing. Good bye and good riddens, thanks for the handle

The first Res-Bay:

Inside of it:

That little pump there is a 120V 2.5W 65 GPH little-beast. It makes for a low-pressure and quieter system, and for this application, its all I need. I neatly connected the power to the inside of the PSU (a little bit of a pain in the @ss because of the circuitry around the power connector, but manageable never-the-less).

Res-Bay mounted and ready to go:

BUT! It just so happens our little friend Pringles-Can is made of paper-cardboard, how delightful

I noticed that on the upper edge of the can, paper-cardboard was exposed. I taped it up a bit in hopes of solving the problem, but to solve the real problem I'd have to seal the entire inside. So, I skipped to the part where I fill it with water, fiddle with the connections, and slap my self on behalf of ignorance. It started to sag, and I wanted to throw the thing, but, I gently disconnected and emptied it, THEN threw it

I'd like to introduce you to, Temporary-Res-Bay!:

Pump connections:

Radiator Mounted:

I especially like this because now the radiator is outside, clean up against the case, and out of the way. Not only do temperatures stay cooler, but the inside of the case is roomier. It also helps to distribute the weight.

And finally, READY TO GO!:

Temperatures currently hover between 27C and 33C between idle and load, which is rather nice considering that theres only 1 fan running, and that the thermal paste hasn't set in. Once the system is 100% complete, I'm going to run it through a few load sessions to help the paste settle in, and help the temperatures drop. I have plans for some possible fan switches, for when I go to sleep and the system isn't doing much, and I can probably get away with running fan-less anyway, I just go up a couple C.

There are more things that I want to do to it, and I'll keep this log updated as those ideas come along, so stay tuned!
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Anyone have creative suggestions? Things I can spice this up with?
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you should have painted the case. pringles can thing was interesting. good work.
Are you really planning to be toting a watercooled computer around? I'm not so sure that the handle you have on there will be study enough. Seems like the leather may rip under a heavy load.
I would suggest another fan to see what your setup can do completely. Even if you throw any old fan on there too see how much improvement you get.
I'm considering putting my other fan on it, and as flimsy as the handle may seem, the leather is really thick, and it IS quite sturdy. It's the kind of thing where you need to feel it for yourself to believe it, I know what you must think by the impression of the picture. I'm considering painting it blue or black, possibly with some kind of graphic, and later on I might improve the system components. Thanks for the suggestions guys! Stay tuned, and keep them coming
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