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[Build Log] Liquorice Allsorts: CaseLabs S5 + Pedestal

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I've recently added a NAS and a HTPC to my home and decided it is time to retire my Corsair 550D air-cooled workhorse. And so, last October, I started what I called a 'Thought Log' with the aim to think about my next computer build. I initially called this Thought Log 'C-Sweet' because I knew I wanted a CaseLabs case and Cryorig fans ... maybe throw in some Corsair memory and some Cestern Digital HDDs, Camsung SSDs and the like.

I've decided to start the build Log for this computer as I am now starting to collect parts in a serious way. I've sketched out the general plan, ordered Monsoon (or should that be Consoon) fittings, tubing and bending kit. I've also started an experiement by ordering some Barrow parts from AliExpress. Today I placed an order with PPCs for 2 x 120.3 Hardware Labs Black Ice SR2 Multiport Satin White Radiator (with white fins).

Next will be a CaseLabs S5 Pedestal (black and white) ... but more on that later.

To answer the question ... why call this build log Liquorice Allsorts? ... because ... these are one of my favourite sweets, candy, lollies (name depending on which country you come from). It also gives me a great excuse to create a very colorful build. Here is a picture of the sweet itself ...


As you can see ... very colorful. There is a bunch of black and white in them ... so that will be the dominant 'colors' (if you can call black and white colors) with others mixed in. I found someone at folksy (a Modern British Craft website) that makes liquorice allsort beads for bracelets and commissioned (HA!) 24 'beads' with no centers.

Here they are ...


These will probably turn up somewhere in the completed build.

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  1. [2016-02-10] - Question #1 ... what color radiator mounts ... black or white?
  2. [2016-02-11] - Pedestal Ordered ... with some other additional parts
  3. [2016-02-11] - Pedestal Fans Ordered - 14 ... 12 for the rads, 1 for the front, 1 for the back
  4. [2016-02-13] - The Radiators have Landed
  5. [2016-02-14] - Radiator Build Adjustments
  6. [2016-02-18] - Shipping Update for Fans and Pedestal
  7. [2016-02-20] - The Fans finally arrive
  8. [2016-02-21] - An Anchored Monsoon Hardline Cutting Miter Box
  9. [2016-02-22] - Some Fan Related Stuff
  10. [2016-02-23] - My Barrow Fittings Order from AliExpress
  11. [2016-02-24] - ModMyMods to the rescue
  12. [2016-02-24] - Reminder of what the Pedestal should / will look like
  13. [2016-02-24] - Pedestal First Look
  14. [2016-02-25] - Stuff in the Pedestal including Q2: What color tubing / fittings in the pedestal? Black? White? Mix?
  15. [2016-02-27] - Barrow Fittings (Part 1)
  16. [2016-02-28] - My First Tube Run ... ever
  17. [2016-03-01] - New Fan Stickers
  18. [2016-03-02] - Another ModMyMods Delivery with some help from Home Depot
  19. [2016-03-03] - Drain Valve Plans ... illustrative at present
  20. [2016-03-04] - Drain Valve Installed ... CaseLabs pedestal cut
  21. [2016-03-05] - Dual Pump Arrangement Issues
  22. [2016-03-06] - Time to Clean a Radiator
  23. [2016-03-08] - Dual Pump Arrangement Options
  24. [2016-03-11] - Deliveries
  25. [2016-03-13] - Fan Cable Sleeving
  26. [2016-03-13] - Radiator Mesh
  27. [2016-03-16] - Dual Pump Arrangement
  28. [2016-03-17] - Measure Twice, Cut Once
  29. [2016-03-18] - Pump Base, Take 2
  30. [2016-03-20] - Air Leak Tester
  31. [2016-03-20] - Now For Something Completely Different
  32. [2016-03-24] - Radiator Mesh, Part II
  33. [2016-03-25] - Installing The Drain
  34. [2016-04-26] - Pedestal Complete - pics
  35. [2016-05-08] - PSU Mods
  36. [2016-05-19] - Dual Pump Unit Complete
  37. [2016-05-21] - PSU 24-pin Tail
  38. [2016-06-22] - The RAM Has Arrived
  39. [2016-06-24] - The Motherboard, CPU, CPU Cooler and Two-Tone Mercury S5 All Arrived
  40. [2016-06-25] - Connecting the Pedestal (Part 1)
  41. [2016-06-26] - Connecting the Pedestal (Part 2)
  42. [2016-06-26] - The Pump Contraption is Home
  43. [2016-06-26] - Open Mid-Chassis Surgery
  44. [2016-06-28] - Plumbing the Reservoir to Pump (video)
  45. [2016-06-28] - Mounting the Reservoir
  46. [2016-07-01] - Genuine Two Tone CaseLabs Case
  47. [2016-07-01] - Installing the Reservoir, First Pictures of the CPU Block
  48. [2016-07-02] - Progress Report
  49. [2016-07-03] - 24-Pin Extension Cable
  50. [2016-07-12] - 2 x 8-Pin Extension Cable + Front Panel Section
  51. [2016-07-15] - Isolation Switch for my Pumps?
  52. [2016-07-16] - Big Stonking Hole
  53. [2016-07-19] - Setting Up My Aquaero - Guide for Noobs?
  54. [2016-08-06] - Power to the Pumps ... again?
  55. [2016-08-21] - The Mighty EVGA Gt 710 Graphics Card!!
  56. [2016-08-20] - Final Pictures

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Mercury S5 + Pedestal
  1. 120.1 flex bay fan mount ✔
  2. 2 x 120.3 rad mounts (white) ✔
Water Cooling
  1. Monsoon Hardline Pro Bender Kit 3/8 x 1/2 (13mm) ✔
  2. Monsoon Economic fittings (black and white) ✔
  3. Monsoon Hardline Acrylic (various colors) ✔
  4. 2 x Hardware Labs Black Ice SR2 120.3 Multiport Satin White Radiator (white with white fins) ✔
  5. SilverStone Technology All Black 1-to-8 PWM Fan Hub (CPF04) ✔
  6. Monsoon Modular Reservoir ✔
  7. 2 x Aquacomputer D5 Pump Mechanics with RPM Signal ✔
  8. 2 x Watercool HEATKILLER® D5-TOP ✔
  9. CPU Block ... Watercool HEATKILLER® IV Pro (Copper AN) ✔
  10. GPU Block (depends on type of GPU)
  11. Some Bitspower fittings ✔
  12. Some Monsoon fittings ✔
  13. Some Barrow fittings ✔
Actual Computer Parts
  1. Motherboard: ASUS X99-M WS ✔
  2. CPU: Intel Core i7-5820K 3.3GHz ✔
  3. RAM: G.SKILL TridentZ Series 64GB (4 x 16GB) DDR4 3200 ✔
  4. GPU: EVGA GeForce GT 710 ✔
  5. 2 x Samsung 850 Pro Series 512GB SSD
  6. LG UH12NS30 Blu-Ray Reader, DVD/CD Writer ✔
  7. 14 Pedestal CRYORIG QF120 Balance 120mm Fans ✔
  8. Case CRYORIG QF120 Balance 120mm Fan(s) ✔
  9. Samsung S27E591C 60Hz 27" Monitor ✔
    I would like to get the 34" version ... but I don't think I can get away with it

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Non Sponsors

... or is that ...

Unofficial Sponsors

... maybe ...

Sponsors that I had to Pay

The title of this thread includes a little joke regarding the companies from which I am buying parts or the resellers that are assisting. I knew I wanted a CaseLabs case, Cryorig fans ... and I will probably end up with Corsair memory ... this was three companies that started with the letter C ... so lets see how close I can get to using parts / sourcing items from companies that start with the letter C ...

Success ... Companies that start with the Letter C

This is the second CaseLabs case that I own ... or will own once I actually purchase the Murcury S5 ... at the moment, I have only purchased an S5 pedestal. They are a joy to work with ... lots of options, lots of flexibility. The most apprehensive feature is modifying them ... either cutting or drilling into them.
I simply love my air CPU Cryorig coolers ... I have a large tower in my main computer and a small tower in my HTPC. The HTPC also has 3 of the QF120 fans. This build will have a stack of the QF120 fans.
cryorig logo_typeface_whites.jpg
Who knew that you could use custom car grills in a Computer? I am using them on the radiators and I have a couple of other plans for them too

Wait, what? This is a company that starts with the letter 'C'? Sure ... just pronounce it 'Custom MainFrame' ... there you go. Honestly, mainframe ... no ... this is a PC.


Close by no Cigar


This lady provided the very first 'component' for this build. I contacted her before Christmas last year enquiring about her making me some Liquorice Allsorts beads. She did and they formed the color palette for my whole build.

I found this company while looking for some 20mm stand-offs. They had some. They had them in various colors. Including screws. And different height stand-offs. I can see these items cropping up a few times in this build.
AliExpress, in particular the Zero Water Cooling store, is my source for large orders of Barrow fittings.
AliExpress ZeroWaterCooling.JPG
A North East coast reseller of computer cooling parts. I really enjoy buying from these guys ... order, pay minimal shipping and get it in two days. What is not to like.
They stock and sell everything. What is not to like?
Barrow fittings ... actually, this should up near AliExpress ... because that is where I picked up most of my fittings. That and from Joe at ModMyMods.

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Question #1 ... in my CaseLabs S5 Pedestal order ... should I select black or white 120.3 radiator mounts?

Note that ...
  • my radiators are white with white fins
  • the inside of the pedestal will be white
  • the outside of the pedestal will be black
  • the flex-bay thingo (probably a 120.1 fan holder) will be white
  • the back of the pedestal will be black
  • the Cryorig QF120 Balance fans (on the radiators ... all 12 of them
    ) are black with white blades
    I will be removing the cryorig stickers as they are never centered enough and will give me a head ache.

Edit: Answer: WHITE. Even though the only feedback I got was BLACK
, I decided while walking my dog to go with WHITE. I feel that this will give a cleaner, less cluttered look to the interior of the pedestal. Not that I expect to be looking in there much ... but at least I will know it is less cluttered.

BTW - have I mentioned that everyone should get a dog and when you have something to ponder, think on, etc ... take said dog for a walk. It is a great 30 minutes of uninterupted thinking time. Well, except for the occasional poo patrol


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Originally Posted by Willius View Post

Originally Posted by Ownedj00 View Post

Originally Posted by Xclsyr View Post

Yes I'm here!
Welcome all. Apologies up front but this build will be drawn out and go in fits and starts. Once I get the color of the rad mounts worked out, I will be ordering the pedestal. From there it will be a wait for the next bi-color CaseLabs window (not the one starting in 10ish days) - probably the next one.

I've sketched out actual hardware but I remain fluid as new items come out and old ones decrease in price.

Originally Posted by Xclsyr View Post

I'd say black on the rad mounts - it's going to be another line sandwiched in the middle...
I was thinking about this in bed last night. Looking down at it, I will have black fan, white rad, ? rad support then black fan.
Looking into the side you will see black outer fan parts, white blades and you might be able to see through to the white rad.

I still don't know if that helps me decide

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Originally Posted by ruffhi from my Thought Log View Post

I just ordered 51 Barrow fittings from AliExpress ... cost me $221 using DHL shipping. The big questions now are ... has it been worth it ... and when will they arrive.

Well ...

  • getting the same parts through Newegg would have cost $335 and I would have got them in 5-7 days.
  • getting similar (Bitspower) parts through PPCs would have cost $436 (letting the discount pay for the shipping) and I would have got them in 5-7 days
So ... save $110 (or $210 for not going Bitspower) but wait some days longer. Guess I will have to wait and see how the shipping process goes. Not that I actually have anything to install them in yet ... so shipping delays is the least of my problems.

Edit: Just noticed this ...
Awaiting Shipment
Processing Time remaining: 15 days 14 hours 44 minutes
One good thing about a long processing time is that I may have the ability to make slight changes to the order. Originally, all of the fittings were ordered in BLACK. However, I just sent this message to my AliExpress contact ...

I've realized that I would like to make a few more color changes. If it is too late, then fine ... leave the order as is. However, I would like to change the following

I have ordered 10 TCDZS-V1 all in BLACK. I would like to change that to 8 BLACK and 2 WHITE.
I originally ordered 15 TCDZS-V1 all in BLACK. I would like to change that to 12 BLACK and 3 WHITE.

Again, if it is too late to change - then fine. Also, please let me know if there is a price difference and we'll work something out.

I'll let you know what sort of reply I get.

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Zoowee - that didn't take long to get a reply ...

When go to work will change the stock. If have white color in stock, will delivery as your infomation, if not, send as order, ok?

Any question feel free to let me know.

Best regards!

I think that says it all. If he has white stock then no problem. Else I will have to make a separate order. Might do that. Might not. Unsure

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Pedestal Ordered

I've just placed my CaseLabs S5 Pedestal order. I decided to go with a WHITE radiator mount option as this will 'declutter' the inside of the pedestal. In this way, the outside of the pedestal will be black while almost everything on the inside will be white. The exceptions are ...
  • fan outsides
  • fan connector hubs
  • hardline tubing
  • cables

Some commentary on the items ordered ...

  • 120.1 flex bay fan mount.
    It will hold an intake fan. I will need some sort of air movement to clear out the insides of the pedestal.
  • 120.2 fan cover / mount
    I have future plans for this .. but I also wanted to see if I can use it to span the top gap in the pedestal
  • The Pedestal itself
    I've already emailed my parts / color combo to CaseLabs. Hopefully, I have listed all of the pedestal parts
  • 2 x 120.3 rad mounts (white)
  • An S5 top rad mount ... but BLANK! And in Black.
    I have future plans for this .. but I also wanted to see if I can use it to span the top gap in the pedestal



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Pedestal Fans Ordered

I've just placed an order for 14 Cryorig QF120 Balance fans. These are all PWM fans and the 'Balanced' version run from 330 RPM up to 1600 RPM with a noise range of 10 to 25 dBA.

They have been getting some good reviews at DV Tests, Thermal Bench and linustechtips. The last quoted review is more of a forum post and someone did comment that ...
wait...so there's an inlet on the fan frame...so having this fan in a pull config on a rad is detrimental?
That is a good observation as Cryorig include some inlets in the frame ...
Quad Air Inlet™ System
Where Innovation Drives
Performance Efficiency and Acoustics
You can see them on this picture ...


So ... it seems I'll need to do some modification / adjustment for the fans in pull mode.


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Two build deliveries due in today ... 2 x 360.3 rads and some nik naks to customize them to this build. I hope to get some pictures up later.

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Radiator's Have Landed

I'd placed an order for 2 120.3 Hardware Labs Black Ice SR2 Multiport Radiator (in Satin White with white fins) They came today.

Apparently, these rads are fairly new. I picked them because I liked the all around port options. The reviews (see below) contain pictures with a logo on them. I didn't see any logo on my white versions. But that may be because I only looked at one side of the rad. I'll pop off now and check the other side.

Some reviews ... if you are interested ...
Extreme Rigs
Thermal Bench

Here are some of my pics ...

There are some stats on the box ... but my picture of the box didn't turn out too well - check out one of the reviews ... they have box pictures.

Inside brown box ... ohhhh

And the rad ... in white. There are some other goodies in the thingo at the end.

A White rad ... in white ... did I mention that?

Ports. Lovely ports. Wonderful PORTS. The line routing options are endless

Goodies. Am I right in thinking that I can't use these plugs for anything? I'm assuming they are just there to keep the dust out.

Screw guards for us noobs

I've got 2 silverstonetek 4-pin hubs to run my rad fans. I was planning on sitting them on top of the rad ... but it isn't going to play nice.


But ... the good thing ... is that the fan cables don't need to be too long.
(Ignore the Noctua fan ... just an example)

I mentioned two packages above ... here is what I got in the other one. 1/4" wide tape in various colors. It looks a little like the Olympic rings ...

... but I selected these colors for other reasons.


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