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Well here is my first ever PC build in its early stages. Went with the Hadron Build because I wanted to do an all EVGA build and I love the form factor. Gonna be some custom sleeving and lighting and customizing the front plate which I have removed along with the hard drive cage. Naming the build "Cosmos" because I'm spacey.

My Parts list as of now:

EVGA Z77 Stinger mITX mobo
EVGA Hadron Air Case

Future parts (may change depending on how long it takes to save the cash and state of the electronics market):

i5 3570k (just mildly overclocked to 4.0ghz)
EVGA mITX CPU cooler
8gb Corsair Vengeance (low profile)
Samsung 840 Evo 120GB (boot)
WD Black 1TB 2.5" (3.5" if I have to)
Corsair Air Series 120mm Purple LED Quiet Edition High Airflow Fan
Custom LED lighting (blue, purple, pink to fit the Cosmos theme {BitFenix do not make purple and pink so I may go multicolor kit with remote})

On a tight budget so for my first build I think this will be plenty powerful enough to make me a happy gamer, bc all I have right now to game on is my PS3 and my MacBook Pro. BTW I am very Mac, but that's just because I run a recording studio as an engineer/producer and for me that's the only way to go when you are doing heavy audio/video. So if my MacBook Pro can Average 23fps on Battlefield 3 on Windows 8.1 Pro BootCamped, then I'm sure this rig I'm building is gonna make me extremely happy being a new PC gamer convert. I'll continue to update my progress once I get some more funds up. Add me to the club!

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