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[Build Log] Programmers Delight (Dual E5-2640s) Warning: Many Images.

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After nearly four years of running a Dual X5650 workstation, it died out on me couple weeks ago thus I dismantled and sold most of the parts, it was running a Tyan S7002 motherboard, for some reason Tyan boards haven't been very reliable for me considering that the machine ran 24x7 / 365. After deliberating whether to upgrade to a more modern technology or to just replace my current motherboard with ASUS Z8NA-D6C, I decided to take advantage of Intel's C602 chipset along with Xeon E5 CPU's.

Many people have asked me what are the reasons for so much computing power. Well my answer remains fairly simple. As some of you may or may not know, I work in a datacenter and I am tasked with testing application(s) meant to run on multi-cpu and multicore servers and workstations, thus my workload is heavily processor and I/O oriented.

As I mentioned above that the system is both processing and I/O oriented, that mean that it will be running; VMs, IDEs (For those who are not programmers, an IDE is an Integrated Development Environment, used for programming, testing/debugging, and organization.) While I have a nice workstation at work, this one will be used at home so that I don't have to spend countless nights at work.

Now that I have described the average usage of the said machine, I will show the specifications of my old workstation compared to the upcoming build.

Previous Setup:

Motherboard: Tyan S7002AG2NR
CPUs: 2x - Xeon X5650s
RAM: 6x - Kingston 8GB = 48GB total.
I/O: Adaptec 6805 w/ 4 x 250GB Western digitals in RAID10 and 2 x 40GB Intel 320 SSDs.
GPU: nVidia Quadro FX-3700

My previous build handled testing and development quite nicely, at full load the CPU usage almost never exceeded 80% neither did the memory.

For those wondering why do I have SSDs in RAID, well it is mostly because after working in a datacenter for a quite time, you see things fail that shouldn't besides running my drives in RAID I also backup important files onto a hard copy (CD/DVD) and also upload them for off-site storage, while many might think that this is excessive I think that you can never be too careful.

I think it is time for me to stop rambling about my old build and get to the part that we have all been waiting for, the Dual E5-2640 build!

Component List:

Chassis: Lian Li PC-A75 - 181.99 @ Newegg
- The original plan was to purchase a Case Labs MH10 case, but since I will not be water-cooling I decided not to get one.

CPUs: Xeon E5-2640 x 2 - 914.99 @ NewEgg

Motherboard: Supermicro X9DAE - 435.99 @ Superbiiz

RAM: I have two choices here - 64GB total.
- Kingston KVR1333D3D8R9S/4G - 4GB x 16 @ 1333MHz
- Kingston KVR13R9D4K4/32 - 8GB x 8 @ 1333MHz

I will most likely choose the 4GB x 16 route due to the fact that I do not need expandability to 128GB of ram, however since either choice is free it all depends on what we have left over from server builds (All RAM is ECC Registered.)

RAID and I/O:

RAID Card: - Areca ARC-1882-8i that I will also receive for free and honestly I'd buy it myself mainly because I prefer web based management compared to Java environment that both Adaptec and LSI use.

Boot Drives: Intel 520 SSD @ 60GB in RAID 1 - 89.99 x 2 @ NewEgg

Storage/Workload Drives: 500GB WD VelociRaptors x 4 (2.5" For RAID Enclosure) - 159.99 @ NewEgg

ODD: Whatever slim CD/DVD drive I have around the house.

Boot Enclosure: IcyDock MB994IPO-3SB for SSDs - 85.99 @ NewEgg

Storage/Workload Enclosure: IcyDock MB994SP-4S for WD VelociRaptors - 76.99 @ NewEgg

PSU: SeaSonic Platinum 1000W - Not included in price as I bought it a while ago.

GPU: nVidia Quadro 2000.

Edit: I have decided to go with a GeForce card, since I only need support for 2 - 3 screens, I feel that I do not need the premium of an underpowered Quadro card, I know that Quadros are made for accuracy not speed.

CPU Coolers: Prolimatech Megahalems - 2 x 69.99 @ NewEgg.

Fans: Akasa Vipers 3 x 140mm and 3 x 120mm. I bought those for my gaming pc, and I've got to say that they're some nice fans, and if I am not mistaken 140mm Vipers have the highest CFM out of all 140mm PWM fans, the only downside is that they're yellow.

Now the only thing that is left to do, order all the parts which I will start to do so within a week, and of course pictures of the build progress.
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CPU Pics: (Sorry for the bad photo quality apparently my lighting and iPhone aren't getting along.)

Taken on 3/5/2013

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Lian Li PC-A75

Getting Ready to remove the front HDD cage:

More Pics:

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Edit: Fan Pictures
Akasa Vipers:

140mm Vipers

120mm Vipers

120mm vs 140mm Vipers

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Xeon E5-2640s have been ordered and are scheduled to arrive on 2/28/2013. Thanks to NewEgg for rush processing and expedited shipping.

The rest of the parts will be ordered between today and Friday.
Bump Xeon E5s have arrived, and to my surprise they were shipped in a bubble envelope, that kind of disappoints me that NewEgg would ship such processors with little protection whatsoever.

Pic very related:

More pictures will be coming soon.
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^ Newegg also ships Samsung SSDs in bubble wrap envelopes, unless you order other stuff (then it comes in a big box with the bubble wrap inside)

I think the Quadro K600 , K2000, K4000 may be coming soon. It's already listed on Nvidia Linux drivers since January:
@Alpha I decided to use a GTX 660, no need for a Quadro but if I ever need it I'll look into the newer ones. So what kind of sorcery are you using since you've found out that I use Linux.
The rest of the parts have arrived! I am still waiting on two packages however everything important has already arrived.

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Lian Li PC-A75

Front HDD cage removed for better air flow:
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Unfortunately the PSU cables came up to be almost 8-9" shorter, thus I have ordered all black 18 AWG cable and molex crimps. So it looks like this project will feature custom made wiring however I will not be sleeving it.
The build has been delayed for another 8 to 10 days as I've had to order connectors for my PSU. The pins just wouldn't budge even with original Molex tool which in process led me to rip out a couple of wires.

Hopefully after the connectors arrive the build will progress as planned.
interested in this build, as you don't get too see many 2xE5s around here.
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Cool build you got planned. I love watching non typical builds come together.
Just program in assembly code just to know you have something so overkill for the purpose

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I finally finished the build, but unfortunately didn't take many pictures.

Here is the final product.

I'll upload the rest of the pictures later. I am sure that I could have done a better job with cable management, but didn't feel like cutting holes in the case.

Rate, hate, comment.
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