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Computer parts:
Silverstone RV02B-EW-USB3.0
Seasonic SS-760XP
ASUS Maximus VIII Hero
Intel Core i7-6700k
G.SKILL TridentZ 32GB F4-3200C14D-32GTZ
EVGA GTX 980 Ti Classified
Samsung 950 Pro 512GB
Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra

Cooling parts:
EK-CoolStream WE 540
EK-CoolStream PE 120
EK-FB ASUS M8G Monoblock
EK-FC780 GTX Classy
EK-FC780 GTX Classy Backplate
EK-ACF compression fittings
EK-AF fittings
PrimoFlex Advanced LRT tubing
Petra'sTech PT Nuke PHN

Note: There are a few parts not pictured as they haven't arrived quite yet.

Here's the case minus panels. The first thing I will have to do is remove the drive cage. Without doing so I can't fit the fans and the radiator inside the case.

Which means removing rivets.




But after removing the drive cage there is way more room. And now the fans + radiator will actually fit. Hopefully

Now I need to remove a big chunk from the bottom of the case. Not only are there those raised bumps between those fans grills but there is also a little bit of a bump in the fan grills. Removing all of this will make it much easier for me to test fit and to start figuring out where I need to make my final cuts.

Almost a dozen cutting discs later I have my initial rough cut to help me with fitting.

Test fitting the fans. My #1 concern was if I could fit all three fans in the space between where the screws for the feet come through the case.

It's a very tight fit but they do make it! Now I need to know if the radiator will fit as dictated by the fan placement.

And it does! With room to spare!

Lots of room at the front of the case.

Perfect fit under the motherboard tray.

Same spot, just a shot from the back.

Just a little bit of room at the back. Plenty for my use!

Not sure exactly what I will work on next. I still need to do more cutting on the bottom of the case to remove all the excess metal blocking airflow to the fans. I'll have to line up and drill the fan holes as well. The 120MM radiator is going to be mounted at the top but it ever so slightly doesn't fit. I haven't decided quite yet what to do there (feel free to throw some suggestions my way!)
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