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Hey Folks,

Another Weekend and another build is being cooked. This time, it's a pre-order with a blue theme colour and as flashy as possible (Make anyone that looks at this beast say HOLLY F***)

so Colour Scheme is going to be Blue and black, of course matching the motherboard/case and sleeving. No Water cooling here (less painting to do).

Hope you'll enjoy it.


HAF X (Going to be modded to match the theme and may I add, DAMN that's what I call a case)


- CPU: Intel i5 - 3550s
- Motherboard: Asus Z77
- Ram: Corsair Vengeance 8GB 1600MHz
- SSD: Intel XM-25 80GB
- HDD: WD Purple 1TB x 2 in RAID 0
- PSU: Corsair CX750M


- BitFenix Spectre Pro Fans (One of the best looking / performance fans in my opinion)
- Cooler Master V8 CPU cooler (cuz it just looks bad ass)


- MDP-X Black
- Still deciding on the blue


- Sound activated cathodes and / or LEDs

Everything is subject to change. I'll update along the way.

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This weekends work:

A bit Dusty

The Goodies

Let's skip ahead and go outside

Let's fix that red box

Now that the box is blue, let's put some stuff on it

Oh yeah, now it's I see it, blue!

We can't put new stuff on old dusty stuff, can we now?

Case, meet air compressor, air compressor, meet case

Now that painting and cleaning is done, let's go inside and check what the case looks like

Looks good, but how about we add some blue to that

Soooo the fan is completely black?

Nope, let's make it a real fan

Did someone say blue?

Oh wait, blue? Did you say blue?

I thought you said no more painting!

Lies, lies everywhere

Well then, if you're going to lie, might as well go all out


aaaaaaaaaaand the final result ?

No More circles of dust

That's one heck of a rear

And the board goes in

Everyboard needs a CPU

Plastic bags ripped and Hard drives out

Dat Damn heat spreader

Better than an engine of a car

Old trusty friend

Stock? Did someone say stock fans...

Dat Design

That's it folks, till next week, or sometime this week if time permits

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ah it's been a while since I've updated the thread, it's complete, definitely needs more pics, will be coming soon.

For now here's the sleeving, all 100m of it

Some Blue to match the theme

Some cables, do you know why I'm sleeving those?

So, they're sleeved, why?

I'll give you a hint, this looks AWFUL

How about now

Sleeved some extensions, didn't take much time, about 8 hours in total

Yup, didn't take any time

This Cooler looks bad ass

So, as suggested above, stuff needs painting, it wasn't the ram or the GPU but

So now you know, that got painted, here's the whole bunch, Before

And after

PSU shroud, Spoiler, coming soon a full plexi custom made one

oh Yeah, the 24 pin cable, the mean bad ass of the machine

The 8 pin cable, I can't really take good pics with this camera yet :S

So my friend wanted something flashy, needed some custom cables for that

Cable has been measured, crimped and attached

Tested that cable, a quick and dirty shot

Yeah, it needs another one

Did I mention that something else got painted?

So, how does it look ?

Enough inside pics, problem is, sun is almost down :/

Does anyone notice that both back side panels are blue ?

Side On

Needs more plexi

Side Off

Blue blue blue


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Originally Posted by Sora1421 View Post

Amazing work. Very tasteful with the painting! I hope she serves you well over the years to come and a lot of fantastic games are played on it
Thank you for the kind words sir
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