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Hey Folks,

Summer has started (with rain all the time) and that means free weekends! Doing my first WIP thread (I'm stealing Akira's Format
) it's gonna be called The Fatality Killer (Yes, that's the board I'm using, creative I know

Colour Scheme is going to be red and black to match the motherboard. Going to Paint the case - Rads - Fans and anything I can get my hands on.

Hope you enjoy it.


HAF 922 (Going to be modded to match the theme)


- CPU: Intel i5 - 4670k
- Motherboard: Asrock Fatal1ty Z87 Killer
- Ram: Still deciding
- SSD: Intel XM-25 80GB
- HDD: Seagte 1TB
- PSU: Corsair CX750
- GPU: R9 - 290x


- Rads: Hardware Labs 240mm
- Pump: X2O 750 Dual Bayres/Pump
- Tubing: Primochill red tubing
- Fittings: Alpha Cool Compress fittings
- CPU Block: Koolance CPU - 340
- Coolant: Mayhems Red Colored coolant


- MDPC-X Red
- MDPC-X Black
- Red Cathodes

Everything is subject to change. I'll update along the way.

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The Case before I did anything to it

The inside of the case, once I saw that, right away, there was no way that case was going to stay the same

Took the case apart and threw it outside for some painting

Yup, I definitely like this new camera, need to learn how to play with these settings

I really hate the weather, started raining while I was painting, really screwed everything up :/ Will give it another shot tomorrow

Threw the stuff that needed to be painted to paint them!

More stuff that needs painting

The last picture of the day, my camera died on me and I didn't want to take pics with the phone


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Here's the update from today:

Did another coat of paint,

The stuff I painted yesterday

The stuff that needs painting


The final pics of the case, no more painting!! It was 11pm so couldn't take an outside "good" pic.


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Here's an update of today's work, had to work on some other stuff so couldn't do much.

The Case! (This picture is mainly to compare the new look of the case to the old look)

Everyone good to go?

I really like their style

Let's install the brains

It's hot outside (not really), let's make it cool

Standing tall

Time to install some blocks

I know what you're saying, that block is .... ok. Let me fix that for you

Thought I was done with painting, but I couldn't resist

Yeah, so it went from this

To This

Painted some screws black, wanted to finally get it all together, ran out of time! Will be measuring tubes this week (hopefully) and should be able to test my loop starting Friday or Saturday


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Update from this weekend's work, didn't do as expected on this build, mostly cuz I started another build (Yes, I'm juggling two builds at the same time)

Finished the loop



Filled it and tested it, though it was with distilled water and I do have some Red mayhem, might switch next weekend



Finally started the sleeving and here's the color of choice


The cables!


Here's a teaser of how the sleeving came out, didn't really take any proper pictures, so till next time


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Another week has passed and time for more pics.

Picked some fans

Didn't like the colors, so fixed that issue

Remember all the cables 4 pics up? Here they are now

One of those cables

This took more than an hour and a half, just sayin

Replaced that distilled water with this, what is it??

The res now looks AWESOME! so which liquid is it? Which one?

Those fans had to be fixed as well

Threw those cables in

If only that PSU was Red and black!

Some Fancy branding!

Final pic for the day, I'll be uploading pics soon with the pc outside with some proper lighting

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