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I've been updating and upgrading components on my PC and I finally settled on an Dark Knight theme.

Acrylic Tubing pic (Early 2014):

Back to Regular hose (Late 2014):

Core components:

Intel Core i7 5960X

Asus Rampage V Extreme

Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 2666 C15 (4x4)


EVGA SuperNova 1300G2 Power Supply

Samsung 840 256GB SSD

Seagate 2TB 7200rpm HDD

Crucial M4 128GB SSD

Clear/White cold cathodes

Corsair 900D

Water Cooling Components:

EK Supremacy Elite Nickel CPU block

EK R4BE Full motherboard smooth acetal block

EK FC TITAN GPU block - x2

Swiftech MCP655 Multi Speed Pump

Bitspower 250 Z Tank Reservoir

Alphacool NexXxos Monsta 480 rad - x2

Primochill Rigid Revolver Acrylic compression fittings - x16

Bitspower 90degree Angle rotary fittings. - x2

Primochill Black onyx tubing .5" x .75"

Swiftech .5" x.75" Fittings

Scythe Gentle Typhoon 1850rpm (AP-15) fans - x11

Lamptron 6 channel fan controller

Mayhem X1 Clear Coolant- x4

Custom Parts and work:

Laser Etch front case panels and covers

Laser cut and engraved case midplate.

Laser cut and engraved case window.

Laser cut Motherboard Backplate

Laser cut and engraved 5.25 side bay cover

Laser Engraved Top Radiator

Laser cut and Etched SLI bridge

Laser Engraved EK GPU backplates

Custom Sleeved Power Supply with MDCP X Sleeves.


BenQ XL2420TX 120hz monitor.

Razer Naga Epic Mouse

Das 4 Ultimate Mechanical Keyboard with Cherry MX Blue Switches

Sennheiser G4ME ZERO Headset

Asus Xonar Essence SXT

Yamaha 5.1 Receiver

Klipsch R-15M Speakers

Klipsch KSW-10 Subwoofer

Blue Snowball Mic

Aorus Thunder P3 Extended gaming mouse pad

Future Upgrades:

Asus Swift 2560x1440 120hz G Sync monitor


Acer Predator 21x9

I really like OS X and will be running it on this build. I also game a lot and will be gaming on this build as well with Windows 7 Ultimate installed.

This build got started in February 2013 on a Graphite White Corsair 600T Case. The Original build Included:

Core i7 Intel 3770K, Gigabyte Z77X UP4 Thunderbolt Motherboard, Blue Corsair Vengeance 16Gb 1600mhz CL9 kit, AX850 Power Supply, Samsung 840 256 SSD, EVGA 4Gb GTX 680 with Back plate, a Corsair h100i, LG Blu Ray burner and NZXT LED HUE Apple Thunderbolt 2560x1440 Display and BenQ XL2420TX 120hz Monitor.

This was a solid build, but was my first personal build. Before this I've built and fixed Computers for friends and co-workers. I was happy with My MacBook, and Mac MIni since I was gaming on PlayStation 3. I installed windows on my Mac mini and played Black Ops 2, which ran on my 27 in 2560x1440 Thunderbolt Display. That's what sparked interest in switching my gaming to a more powerful PC. I made a couple modifications to the 600T case, but then I realized I needed a bigger case for a custom water-cooling Project and as I was looking for a case, the 900D was released. I also replaced My 680 with a Titan, and later added a second Titan.

I have access to a laser printer at work, so the first modification done to my 600T was a custom laser etched window.

Then I wanted to use the corsair SP120 fans with the white rings inside my case, but the h100i wouldn't allow the corsair fans to be installed inside the case, so the second modification was to cut the roof and install the radiator on top leaving space for the fans to be installed inside and exhausting air out the top of the 600T. http://youtu.be/chjj1Q07mH8

Then after being inspired my many amazing sleeving jobs, I made an attempt to sleeve my own, but wasn't too happy with the outcome. Next time will be better and I will use better quality sleeving material. I went with a low cost roll from McMaster Carr, and although the wires look better than they did before sleeving, I feel like it could be done better.

Then I sold the 600T case and moved everything to the 900D, which looks empty no matter what. http://youtu.be/wicyTCawhYs

Once I moved the parts, I began gathering parts for my custom water-cooling loop. I didn't want to start a loop without having a case. And unfortunately I didn't have funds to afford everything all at once, including 2 GTX TITANS. http://youtu.be/vfRCiLfEK5Q

Just Like the 600T, the first modification was a new laser etched window and laser etched the front panel and bay covers, since they are painted aluminum.
I also made a Dark Knight emblem to go on the side panel.



I bought water-cooling parts, but returned them and decided to upgrade my Z77 platform to X79. Sold my 3770K and UP4 TH, and got a great deal on a X79 UP4 board with a 3930K. Also added a 2TB Seagate HDD, as my SSD simply wasn't enough. I have the Hydro Copper Water blocks for my Titans, but still need another 700USD for the rest of the stuff. That will be coming soon. I love the Look of my Gigabyte boards with Black PCV and Black and Grey Colors. I will be using Black tubing and Black/Chrome fittings to Keep the Dark Knight/Aztec Theme. http://youtu.be/b2XnmncVmQk


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Are you still able to run OSX with the X79 and Titans?

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Originally Posted by LaBestiaHumana View Post

I havn't installed it yet. Just barely installed the new HDD, got the Distro as well. I'll have some time this weekend to tinker with it.

Do you think X79 won't work?
I've never built a Hackintosh, so I'm interested in seeing if you can get it done. It's seems like the Gigabyte boards are the key link in the equation. I'm hoping that it does work flawless for you, so I can build my next PC as a X79 Hackintosh.

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I love aztec things...
Now seeing that associated with a computer case O___o it's more than amazing, it gets such a style
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