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Build me a pc please

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Someone wants to buy my pc for 1k so I figured with the directx 10 cards out, I might as well take the oppertunity to upgrade. I want to go with conroe of course, and a directx 10 card. I have about 1.1k to work with... maybe a little more if it is completely nessary. So could you guys help out?
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This is as cheap as I can get it with your requirements. I did opt for 2GB RAM. If you want to save, you could get 1GB for now, but I don't recommend it.
Total: $1,263.92

Possible savings:
RAM: 1GB - G.SKILL 1GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) $114.99 (single stick for now, easy to add in the future). Saves $130.00, but I don't recommend it. Get 2GB if you want good performance from a rig like this.
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What was I thinking jumping into this thread...obviously Chozart has already built him the best pc for the price. Tough to work that budget with a 500 dollar graphics card though
Trust Chozart to find something that fits. lol
Chozarts got something, beat me to the post. =(

But id wait till dx10 actually comes out, were about 4-6months away from dx10 and alot of things arent dx10 capatable as of yet.
I do agree with that. I'd get a cheap card like an 7600GT (goes for $120; $100 after rebate), and wait a bit until a) Vista comes out, and b) more, cheaper, DX10 cards appear on the market.
Thats what I'm going to do. When they go down in price, I'll get one.
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What Chozart said, or get a 7600GS, best for the price, then save some $$ and get DX10 and Vista(to make DX10 work, duh)
Ok so I should just get a card to hold me over until prices go down. I might have a little bigger budget then I thought if everything goes right. I'll look at your suggestions right now Chozart, thanks.
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