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Haf XB Build
The BLUE Ranger

Finished Pics:

Hello everyone im starting this thread to introduce my current setup, what ive actually just built and my future plans for it.

Here is a list of parts involved and some not listed as ive not decide exactly what ill be using. I do plan on running a full loop in this case cooling the cpu, and two gpus. The WC components are yet to be determined but i do have my eyes on a couple blocks for my gpus.

Parts List:

Case: Cooler Master Haf XB
Motherboard: Asus M5A99FX Pro R2.0 ATX
Processor: AMD FX-6300 (currently sitting at 3950mhz on air) thinking of swapping out for a 8 core though
>Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 with Corsair sp120s
Ram: Corsair Vengeance 2x4GB dimms
SSD: Corsair Neutron GTX 120GB
HDD: Western Digital 7200rpm 500GB
PSU: OCZ 750w fully modular
GPU(s): Asus HD7950 3GB times 2

I also have the NZXT sentry fan controller and i plan to order the NZXT Hue RGB led + controller here very soon.

Future plans are sleeving the power supply (which i really do NOT look forward to after finally routing all the cables in this chassis)
I will be using a combination of blues plus a single line of white. Ill probably have more than one white sleeve on the 24 pin though.

After sleeving I will probably look closer at my finances and if i need it (depending on games being played upgrade my CPU) if not ill put that money towards the WC stuff. I still haven't worked out what im going to do for wc but I will when i get to it.

I originally had the Cooler Master Storm Scout 2 (ghost white) case but a single Asus 7950 weighs like 3lbs and i noticed ALOT of flex and even failure to post because of no contact with the pcb. So following info/pictures etc is documented from me switching from the Ghost II to the Haf XB. Along with ordering the xb i also ordered a 2nd 7950, nzxt sentry mesh fan controller, 2 sp120's.

UPS next day shipping is great.

The "box" out of the box

Strip it down!

Fan Controller in

The 2nd Card out of the box.

Time to take it apart i guess... o_O

First lets check out the insides!


Guts out!

Another view

Gotta love the removable tray. sp120s mounted (really need to hook up the cpu fans to the controller running at 100% is annoying)

Drives ready to go in

I chose to remove the "hot swap" interface plate and just use the bays as normal. I found it easier to leave the drives out and route my power/ sata cable through the compartment to plug them in. Once thats done.. slide em' in!

Couple of random shots before moving on.

GPU time


2nd sword un-sheathed

i made her block the light a bit.

Lets install Windows!

Well thats it for now guys thanks for checking it out. Currently im downloading all updates before i proceed im having problems with crossfirex which hopefully i will get resolved SOON!

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Windows updated to sp1 now.

Going to download my games and benchmark tools. Wish me luck that I dont get any crashes. Otherwise this day might end like a scene in office space involving a printer.

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Finally! Success!

I spent a good hour diagnosing the issue swapping cards in both slots. it ended up being my original card i purchased has a bad bios i flipped the switch on it and all is good now. I went ahead and changed the 2nd cards bios as well so they match.

so everyone knows the card showed up in device manager. with out drivers installed it would show code 10 with drivers it would show code 43. Hope this will help someone in the future.

Now i can move on to more interesting things.

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Started pricing out parts for a custom loop and have decide I cant afford it right now sp ive settled for something different.

Just ordered from new egg.
Arctic silver 5 (going to throw some on the gpus too)
Another sp120
And the nzxt hue rgb led kit.

Im too broke to keep doing this . Think ill put it on pause for a while now.. lol ill be back in a couple days when my stuff arrives.

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Been working with Sketchup to lay out my plan for the mods.

Im going to be making two lower side panels to cover the wiring and route cables through etc. I also plan to cutout the top panel and fit my own piece of plexi in their.

I have also ordered about 200 feet of Blue, Grey, and a lite blue paracord to sleeve the 24, pcie and 8 pin cables.

sleeving layout

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sleeving is almost complete...

First time sleeving with paracord and heatshrinkless to boot. Its not so much difficult as it is time consuming, especially without a tool to push the wire through the cord. Im forced to doing the inch method or (centimeter rather). <-- 1.5 hours on a 6 pin

I also broke my de-pinning tool after the 3rd PCI-E cable so ive been using a safety pin. I tried a staple but that hurt my finger worse than the safety pin.

**pics coming soon**

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Thanks man, be sure and join the HAF Xb club.

I finished sleeving last night and attempted a mockup of my side panels with foam board.. Didnt go so well, definitely going to redesign it.

I also have blue carbon fiber wrap coming along with blue zip ties and a 24"x12" piece of plexiglass to attempt a top panel window mod and both stock side panels.

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finished up the build heres a stream of update pics, sorry its not very well laid out.

Tight schedule with kids leads me to work on it as I get time.

Painted Fan.

First side panel cut-out.

Plexi mounted and i used some cf wrap as temporary border.

Replaced top panel mesh with plexi


Other side panel cut out and mounted.

My helper fell asleep.

Got bored again. finished it.

---Finished Pics---


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