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Hey folks,

Here's another build that I finished and that was rushed at the last minute, so I am missing some pictures, which sucks. Also, pictures were taken with my phone so

The goods

Yes she's old, but a beast none the less

Yes, this is water cooled

Damn, I didn't know rads would be that big

7/16 tubes and 1/2 Barbs, cut and ready

Loop has been assembled

Testing time

Let it run for a couple of days

Needed something to do while the loop was doing its thing

First cable done

Some Cable management

Some more fans put in, some cables sleeving and cable management

The system

Now, finally i don't have to take pictures with my phone anymore, yes! I got a camera, I'm still using the stock lens and I'm new to all these features, so go easy on me

Using a heat gun anywhere near a computer is a BAD idea

Took the loop out after all that work :S

Newly cut tubes

Yeah, I messed it up, again

Finally, fixed it

Testing, testing, testing

Time to install the heart

The veins!!

More veins!!

A side pic

The Res takes lights!

Final lighting and picture, was rushed at the last moment, couldn't take more :S

I'll be creating WIP threads from now on, seems better than posting Gallery threads.
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