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Alright, so I'm building my first LC rig. I've been building air cooling for 8 or 9 years for me and my friends and their friends... But I wanted to try liquid cooling.

First up is the case: MAGNUM SMH10 from CaseLabs. (http://www.caselabs-store.com/magnum-smh10/)
Case Color: White Matte
Form Factor: HPTX
ATX Layout: Standard
MB Door: XXL Window (30.00)
Window Color: Gray
Top Cover: 120mm Ventilated
Lower Chamber Covers: Ventilated
PCI Backplate: Hex Mesh
Shipping Format: Flat-packed
Flex-Bay Covers: Solid

Next up is radiators:
Black Ice GTX Xtreme 480 in push-pull mounted in the top compartment

Magicool Extreme Quad 120 both in pull mounted sideways in the bottom section.

And now, we come to res/pumps.

X2 with MCP-655 PWM mounted in the front flex-bays

I'll also be using
Alphacool g1/4 45 degree rotary compression fittings 1/2"X5/8"
with PrimoChill White 7/16"X5/8"
Using Pearl Anti-Kink coils

I'm using 4 Universal GPU blocks
and copper heatsinks for VRM and VRAM on 4 7970's
I will be using a Full Copper EK Supremacy CPU block

Fans are Koolance High Performance for case and radiators.

Fan controller:

I'm looking for suggestions, things to improve, or any obvious holes that I left unfilled in the loop.

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Wow, quite impressive!

The only thing I see that I would change are the fans. The CM Excaliburs are not known for being good radiator fans, as they have grossly exaggerated static pressure specs. Especially for the BIX, which is 20fpi, you are going to need some serious fans and/or go push-pull. I would recommend the Koolance 120x38mm 2600rpm 117cfm/6.4mmH2O fans which you can get from PPCS for $9.99/ea, about the best deal for the performance I've ever seen. I have them, and their 25mm "fraternal twin" (identical in every way except the frame thickness and the blades' angle of attack), and I very much love them!
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