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Hello, I want to build a case for the Big Bang marshall which I will be getting soon. The reason is that I want something that showcases the motherboard in it's full. This will be the first metal case I will be building, but not the first "case". I just wanted to ask whether anyone has any experience with building metal cases, because I don't. I am thinking of buying sheets of aluminum for the front, back, right side, and bottom, and then having acrylic or plexiglass on the top and left side of the case. I have 2 questions. Does my design so far make any sense, and is aluminum the best metal to work with?

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Yup all makes sense, aluminium will prob be the easiest to work with, but it wont have the structural integrity of steel. You will probably want to reinforce it with struts. I used L shaped aluminium to make my case but it wasn't exactly a success.

Links here:
Pic One
Pic Two

I don't know how experienced you are with such things, but good luck, this will be quite an undertaking.
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