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Building a new computer

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i am wanting to build a new computer for under $400 not including the monitor or keyboard/mouse/speakers i would like to stay away from celerons if possible but i havnt used ne of the new celeron d so i dont know if they are ne good this computer will not be used for gaming it will mainly be used to get on the internet and photo editing.
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I remember when......
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Yeah, that's gonna be tough.........

Case - $42.99

P5P800-MX Motherboard - $67

2.66Ghz P4 Prescot - $111

512MB PC3200 DDR Memory - $44

Seagate SATA 120GB Hard Drive - $85

LiteOn Combo Drive - $29.99

TOTAL - $379.98

Best I can do..........with tax and shipping, might go a little over. If your budget is a FIRM $400, you can go with a Celeron instead,

2.66Ghz Celeron D Prescot - $78

The only major difference is L2 Cache, 1MB for the Pentium, 256k for the Celeron.

This will change your pre-tax/shipping total to $346.98.
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