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Building a PC after a couple of years of console gaming

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During Black Friday with all the good deals with cashback on PC parts I decided to build a gaming PC again after playing with manly console the last couple of years. The last PC title I really tried running was the original Crysis on a PC nowhere near capable of running it.

So my purpose of this post is to

1.) See what games are worth picking up to take advantage of the PC that will be far superior to consoles and remind me why I built this thing.

2.) To see how I did as far as parts go. I do plan to Overclock.

Still had case, power supply and dvd-burner lying around.

cpu - e5200
MB - MSI p45 Deluxe
ram - Corsair XMS2 4GB
HD - Western Digital 500GB Sata
Vid - Diamond HD5770 1GB (the only thing I didnt get a great deal on)
OS - Windows 7

Mon - Sceptre X246W 24" 1080p (Which I will also use for my PS3)
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Won't get into Intel setup but some wicked good games for PC as I was reluctant to switch from console to pc too.....

-Dead Space
-Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecies (UK/USA name)
-Unreal Tournament 3
-Gears Of War
-Half-Life (all versions)
-Need For Speed Shift
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