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Going to do a new build to game on the Living room in the big screen.
But since this is my first SFF build, I have some questions before ordering the parts.

First the case will be the Fractal Node 202.
It is a must since I am after the console formfactor.

So, here is what I already have decided:
- Case: Node 202
- PSU: Corsair SF600
- CPU Cooler: Scythe Big Shuriken 2 RevB
- Case Fans: 2x Scythe Slip Stream Slim SY1212SL12M
- CPU: i7 8700
- GPU: GTX 1080, probably a Palit Super JetStream
- M.2 Intenso Top 512gb Sata SSD

I think this is a solid system but I am of course opened to suggestions.

What I am wondering is the board and memory combo.
Am wondering this:
- B360-i Asus for 115
- 3200 ram that will run at 2666 for 135


- Z370-i Asus for 150
- 3400 ram for 155

Basically, is the Z370 and 3400 ram worth the 55 euros premium?

I won't be overclocking, but the z370 can run memory at higher frequencies even with the locked 8700.
For this build, is it worth the premium to go z370?

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