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Built new i7 rig and it wont restart :(

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Sometimes it doesn't want to restart, all the fans and lights will be working, but I have to hit the reset button to get it to post back up, also, sometimes when I shut it down it will shut everything down but the fans and lights will remain on... Any ideas? Could it be a bad CMOS mattery or something?
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If I put this in the wrong spot i'm sorry, and if the first mod here that sees will move it to where it needs to be I would appreciate it... I just got to thinking that this isn't directly "Intel CPU" related... I don't think anyways.
are you doing these shutdown and restart actions through windows or your case buttons, maybe you isntalled the button headers wrong
Intel CPU is the best subforum to post in because it is the most widely viewed, and related to your problem. It could be a variety of things.

Flash to the newest available bios and report back.
the mobo is on the newest bios, and i am using windows to shutdown, not the buttons, and the buttons are configured properly as far as wiring is concerned... When i hold the power button it goes ahead and shuts the rest of the way down, and when i hit the power button it powers up, so it has to be wired right... This one just absolutely has me stumped.

When i power on, sometimes i have to hit the reset button on my case to actually make it post or it will just sit there with all of the lights and fans on but not do anything until i hit the reset button... Lastly, I have disabled the Asus express gate feature but everytime before it posts, right before it posts it has a "express gate isn't properly installed message" that pops up... Maybe this could be causing this? Could it be a bad CMOS battery that came in it causing it? It retains my settings in the bios though when i turn it off and back on, so that makes me think that the battery is fine... I just don't know.
Asus tech support just told me "I have no idea what could be causing this problem, maybe try an RMA", that was not the answer I was looking for.
This thing is rock solid once its on the desktop, even at 4.0ghz running prime for 12hrs!

A guy on a different forum asked me if i had a surge protector (i don't, never have, and never had a problem) and went on to say that "your power circuitry may be damaged", is this a possibility? I have ran this way with my old AMD 940BE for about a year with no problems... Could this i7 920 be pulling that much more juice? Heck, i was feeding my AMD 1.5250v, and am only feeding my i7 1.30V...
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Sounds like your battery is fine, are you absolutely positive you have the most current bios? If so maybe try an older version. I had a similar issue with a friends pc where I would turn it on and only the case fans would come on, I just flashed it with an earlier bios release and problem solved.
Does this happen at stock CPU settings? Which bios are you using? I used both the 0801 bios and the newest 0904 bios running 21x191 bclk without any problems.

If it works fine at stock, it might be an unstable OC.
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